Strategic Local Plan Examination

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Local Plan Examination

SLP Front cover

A local authority’s local plan is an important document setting out the scale and direction of growth for its area, over a 15 year period. Once finalised, the local plan is the starting point for consideration of all planning applications.

Before a local plan can be adopted it has to be subject to several stages of public consultation and comply to the government’s policies and regulations.
Once the local planning authority are satisfied they have met all these it will submit its local plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

Latest news and updates

The Council submitted our plan in August 2016 - you can find more about the background to this here.

The Inspector wrote to the Council with his conclusions. See a copy of the letter here: ID-7 CONCLUSIONS letter to the Council

The Council started legal proceedings in January 2017 to quash the decision (See our press release).  Ultimately, the Council was unsuccessful in its Court action - see our press release on the final judgement here.  (The Court decision can be downloaded at the link below).

Due to the outcome of the court case, work on the existing draft Plan has stopped, while we proceed with developing an updated Plan:
  • Using the key policies that have already been developed
  • Rethinking our housing numbers in line with emerging new government policy
  • Working closely with neighbouring councils to ensure we collaborate closely in developing our emerging plans

See press release here.  

Date of last review: 23 August 2017