Spatial Planning & Design (Planning Policy)

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Current adopted Local Plan

The local planning policies for St Albans District are the saved policies set out in the District Local Plan Review 1994, which is the current adopted Local Plan.

Register to keep informed on consultations as the new Local Plan is developed

To be notified of Local Plan consultation events as and when they take place, please register your details on the St Albans spatial planning consultation database

Much of the work of the Spatial Planning Team is endorsed by elected Members through committees. The Planning Policy Committee decides the delivery of the work program.

See also: Cabinet Meetings and Full Council

Local Plan Development

Due to the outcome of a recent court case, work on the existing draft Plan has stopped while we proceed with developing an updated Plan:

  • Using the key policies that have already been developed
  • Rethinking our housing numbers in line with emerging new government policy
  • Working closely with neighbouring councils to ensure we collaborate closely in developing our emerging plans

See press release here.  

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

An informal six week consultation, ending April 2014, on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, can be viewed, along with comments received. The Council is investigating introduction of CIL alongside progress on the Strategic Local Plan.

Local Plan Evidence Base

The Local Plan Evidence Base library contains a large number of Technical Reports, Studies and Reviews that have been undertaken by, commissioned by or involved the District Council to inform the plan-making process.

Brownfield Land Register (BLR) and Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The Council is required to prepare a BLR and review it annually. Details are here. You can comment on the draft BLR here.

The SHLAA provides information for the BLR. Review of the BLR is linked to a regular, annual, SHLAA call for sites. Details of the SHLAA are here.

If you have a new site you wish to promote as available for housing development, please make a submission using our standard form (additional information can be attached) the form is available here.

We will add new submitted sites to our SHLAA (and BLR if relevant) database.

Neighbourhood Planning

The Council is very supportive of Neighbourhood Planning as a process.

The Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership (HIPP)

The minutes from the latest HIPP Meeting can be found below.

About the Spatial Planning and Design Team

The Spatial Planning and Design Team is responsible for all aspects of planning policy in St Albans City and District. We work to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest, promote quality of life, meet local needs and reconcile the demand for development with the protection of the environment. The aim is to ensure that all new development is of high quality, having considered all appropriate elements of urban design.

The Team also provides internal advice and evidence to support development management decisions and advise the Council about the implications of national, regional, sub-regional, County and local planning issues. It is also responsible for producing the Authorities Monitoring Report, Housing Monitoring Report, Shopping Monitoring Report and other aspects of the Local Plan Evidence Base; technical studies and preparing site-specific planning briefs.

The team is also responsible for Conservation and Listed Buildings, which are of great importance in the District.

Contact details

Please refer to our Planning Contacts Page.

Department of Communities and Local Government: Planning Update Newsletter July 2017

Date of last review: 15 September 2017