New Local Plan - timetable

The Council is developing a new Local Plan that will show what and where we need to build and how we will control what is built up to 2036.

Why do we need a Local Plan?

Our current Local Plan dates from 1994, is the second oldest in the Country, and needs to be replaced.

The government has set the Framework we will use to develop the new Local Plan.

The Local Plan must be examined and approved by an Independent Planning Inspector, who will make sure we meet all the legal requirements.

Our District faces a number of issues.

  • Building the homes and businesses our growing population needs whilst protecting our Green Belt
  • Increasing the supply of homes to help stop prices growing more than local people can afford to buy or rent.
  • Building affordable homes that stay affordable so key workers like teachers, firefighters and nurses can hope to live near to where they work.
  • Building social housing to give families on our housing list homes and reduce homelessness.

To be told of Local Plan consultations, please register your details on the consultation database

November 2017Row1

9 January to 

21 February 2018


March to 

April 2018


May to 

June 2018


June to

July 2018


Under consultation

4 September to

17 October 2018


October 2018 to

February 2019

March 2019Row8

Local Plan Evidence Base

The Local Plan Evidence Base library contains a large number of Technical Reports, Studies and Reviews.

Key documents

The Council's Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) explains how the community is involved in new planning policy documents and planning application decisions.

Date of last review: 04 September 2018