St Albans Taxi Voucher Scheme

The Taxi Voucher Scheme was launched in August 2003 and is designed to help eligible residents making journeys starting or finishing within the St Albans District*. 

Taxi Vouchers valid from the 1st April – 31st March to the value of £60.00 (30 x £2 vouchers) and are available to St Albans City & District Council residents if;
You are:

• A resident with a permanent disability and
• Do not have regular access to a private car
• A resident who is over 75 years of age and
• Do not have regular access to a private car.

Once your application has been accepted you will be issued with a Taxi Voucher Scheme Identification Photo Card which you should carry with you as the Taxi Driver may ask you to provide this card at any time.
Renewal forms are sent automatically to TVS members to enable them to re-apply each year. Vouchers are posted towards the middle of March in time for use from the 1st of April.  

*If you intend to make a journey that will take you outside of the St Albans City and District boundary (i.e. into towns like Watford, Hemel Hempstead etc.) please note that the tariff guidelines set down by St Albans City and District Council no longer apply.  This is because drivers are not required to go outside the district and it is at the driver’s discretion to do so.

Further information - 01727 819406 or email.


Q: Which Taxi companies will accept the vouchers ?
A: The vouchers can only be used with taxis who are licensed by St Albans City and District Council when booked through our participating Taxi operators;
  • A1 Taxi (All Areas)
  • Abbey Astar. (All Areas)
  • Arena Taxis (All Areas)
  • Euro Cabs (All Areas)
  • Gold Line (All Areas) 
  • Mr J Webb (St Albans only)
  • Harpenden Taxis (Harpenden & surrounding areas)
  • Harpenden Taxi-co (Harpenden & surrounding areas)
Q: How do I make payment ?
A: Payment can be made for your journey by:
  • Using Taxi Vouchers for the full amount.
  • Using Taxi Vouchers as part payment with cash.
NB Change will not be given from your Taxi Vouchers.

Q: How do I book a taxi company that accepts Taxi Vouchers ?
A: When you phone for your taxi it is important that you state that you are a member of the Taxi Voucher Scheme and inform the Company as to whether you require a saloon car or a wheelchair accessible taxi so that the appropriate vehicle can be sent to collect you.

Difficulties arise when going directly to the Taxi rank as some drivers are not part of the scheme and therefore will be unable to take your vouchers. It is advisable to book your taxi by phone, however if you are taking a taxi from a taxi rank, it is vital you check that it is a participating taxi driver and that vouchers are accepted BEFORE you get into the cab.

Alternative transport is available from various local organisations please see

NOTE: This discretionary scheme is under review and until this review has been concluded it has been decided that taxi vouchers will be issued for 2018/19. However, there is no guarantee that the availability of vouchers will not be varied in the future.

Date of last review: 04 July 2018