Green Ring Update

The entire route was opened on the 25th October 2018.

Date of last review: 07 November 2018

The St Albans Green Ring is a continuous walking and cycling route (approx. 9Km long) that encircles the city centre. The route primarily enhances existing cycling and walking routes and extends from Townsend in the north to Fleetville in the east, Sopwell in the south and into Verulam Estate to the west. 

Green Ring 

Green Ring benefits

The objective of the Green Ring is to make cycling & walking a sensible first choice for journeys within the city, where previously a car would have been used. This will help reduce congestion, pollution and provide a valuable and easy way to get enough exercise. It is anticipated that the Green Ring will be used for both everyday and leisure cycling.  At least 13 green spaces are connected by the Green Ring along with at least 9 child-related destinations, such as schools, as well as a variety of places of worship, heritage sites, retail centres and both of the city’s railway stations.

Aspirations and funding

The concept of the Green Ring originated in work undertaken by the District Council as part of the “City Vision” for St Albans in 2009.  This aspiration was used as the basis for a successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) bid for which St Albans City and District Council  provided extensive input in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council.  The total LSTF allocation from the Department for Transport is £1,091,000.

A feasibility report can be downloaded below.

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St Albans Green Ring - Scheme proposals consultation
This consultation sought the views and comments of residents and stakeholders in the District to optimise specific Green Ring scheme proposals. This consultation is now closed.