Parking Suspensions

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Parking Services 
For Suspension enquiries please email:

To report a vehicle parked in contravention please call 01727 845283 or email: 

For permit enquiries Please call 01727 869593 or email:

Click on the below Suspension sign to make an online application


Terms and Conditions, Costs and Applying Online

Suspensions can be applied for below,  A minimum of 7 days notice is required.

Click here to make an online application for a Suspension

Applicants must read the below terms before applying for a Suspension, by submitting an application you agree to the terms set out on this page.The fee charged for a suspension reflects the installation of legally recognised signage by a Civil Enforcement Officer to notify drivers that the bay is not to be parked in. Therefore we are unable to offer refunds for suspensions where vehicles have parked and the suspended bays could not be used for the purpose of the suspension. 

Terms and Conditions of Parking Suspensions and application of Suspensions

  • Where there are no individual parking bays I.E. one long elongated bay, the cost will be calculated for every 4.5 metres (4500mm)
  • The Council will consider suspending a parking bay for a number of reasons including but not limited to;
• House removals and moving in

• Building works

• All day deliveries

  • The Council are unable to remove vehicles from suspended bays as we do not have removal vehicles to facilitate this.   As a result of this we are unable to guarantee that the space will be kept clear. However, we can issue Penalty Charge Notices to any vehicle parked in a suspended bay. If you notice an unauthorised vehicle parked in the bay please contact our hotline on: Tel: 01727 845283 
  • Yellow suspension signs will be placed as near as possible to the affected area showing the details of the suspension, residents are advised to check all signs in their road before parking on each and every occasion.
  • We do not supply traffic cones or barriers to assist with closing the suspended bays and would advise applicants to supply their own where possible.
  • Suspensions cannot be considered in areas that are not controlled.
  • Vehicles that park after the signs have been placed and during the suspended period are likely to receive a penalty charge notice of £70 which is served under the Traffic Management Act 2004.
  • We consider each case upon its merits before deciding whether to grant the suspension. You are therefore advised to provide as much information on the application as you possibly can so that we can make an informed decision.
  • All suspensions applications are subject to further checks, application and payment does not Guarantee that a request has been granted and approved
  • We can suspend a maximum 3 bays per road and its on a first come first serve basis. If you require more than 3 bays, please allow extra time for your application as further considerations are needed. 
  •  We reserve the right to refuse any application. In most cases where an application is refused we will notify the applicant and provide a refund. 
  • Refunds are not given where a suspension has been provided and but was not usable for any reason.
If you need to speak to someone please call the permit processing team on 01727 869593

Administration Costs:

Type of Parking BayCost per day for each parking bay or space required
Single Use Bays - Resident Permit Holder Only, Permit Holders Only and Limited waiting only bays£18.04*
Pay And Display Only Bays£25.69*

Shared Use Parking Spaces - parking bays that allows 2 or more different types of use.

This includes Permit Holders with pay and display, Permit Holders with limited waiting, permit holders with voucher parking. 

Date of last review: 26 September 2019