Challenge or Pay Parking Penalty Charge Notices

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Parking Services

Parking Services in St Albans City and District is changing, click here to see how these changes may affect the services you receive.
To report a vehicle parked in contravention please call 01727 845283 or email: 
For permit enquiries Please call 01727 869593 or email:

Challenge or Pay A Parking Charge

”Please note that it takes 24 hours after the service of a PCN for it to show on our system. if you try before this time you may not be able to see the details and make a payment or a challenge”

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How to pay a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket)

If you pay your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) within 14 days of receiving the notice, the charge will be reduced by 50% from £70 to £35 (higher rate) or £50 to £25 (lower rate). Please Note that the 14 days begins and includes the date of service of the PCN for example, if your PCN was served on 6th July 2012 your reduced payment will be valid until the end of 19th July which is the 14th day. always check the PCN for details.

Other Ways to Pay

  • Pay By phone
    Pay by debit or credit card by calling 0845 305 2131 any time.

  • Pay By Cheque
    Please make the cheque payable to St Albans City and District Council. Please write your address and the PCN number on the reverse of the cheque. The PCN number is the number near the top of the ticket that starts ‘AB' and send your payment to 

PCN Processing
St Albans City and District Council
Drovers Way
St Albans

Making a Challenge

Before you make a challenge, you are advised to write your challenge using word or notepad before challenging online, this is to avoid the system timing out when making your challenge. 

Other ways to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice:

You can challenge a Penalty Charge Notice by completing the parking appeal form below and sending it to:

PCN Challenges, St Albans City and District Council, Drovers Way, St Albans, Herts, AL3 5EB

For General enquiries please call 01727 819206
Please Note a Penalty Charge Notice cannot be challenged over the telephone. To Challenge a Penalty you MUST follow one of the steps listed above.
Date of last review: 09 January 2020