Parking Services Changes from 4 October 2019

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What is happening?

From 4 October 2019, parking services in the St Albans District are transferring from NCP and NSL back to St Albans City and District Council.  

Council car parks run by NCP over the last few years, will now be run by the Council.  Parking Enforcement Services (including Traffic Wardens) will transfer from NSL to the Council.

Why are these changes happening?

Contracts are coming to an end, and the Council has decided, after looking at lots of options, to run these services ourselves.

Will the service change?

For most parking customers, there will be limited changes in the short term.  Signage will change, as will uniforms and some of the technical systems.  Prices will remain the same, and the day to day delivery will remain consistent. 

Once we have transferred over, we will be looking at ways to enhance and develop the service for the benefit of customers.

There will be some specific changes for Season Ticket Holders and others with Car Park Permits. These are explained below.

I have an NCP Season Ticket – what should I do?

NCP has written to all their Season Ticket Holders, jointly with the Council, to tell them about the changes and explain what action they need to take.  The letter explains that NCP will be issuing a refund for the unused portion of the Season Ticket.  It also explains how to apply for a new Council Season Permit – there is an application form enclosed with the letter.  If you have not received this letter please contact our team at 

You should apply for your new Council Season Permit before 4 October 2019.  Once completed, the application form should be emailed to

The Council’s Parking Services team will process your application and contact you to fulfil your order as soon as possible.  

If you do not receive your new Council Season Permit by 4th October 2019, do not worry – you will not be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if the parking team is dealing with your application.  If you have not made an application you may be at risk of receiving a parking ticket.

If you have any questions, you can email the team at, or if you prefer to speak to someone in person, you can do so during office hours by calling 01727 751824. We are here to help you and appreciate that some customers may need specific assistance.

I don’t have a Season Permit at the moment, but I want to apply for one. How do I do that?

To apply for a new Council Season Permit, please download and complete the below application and return it to or post it to:

Permit Applications
St Albans City and District Council
Drovers Way Car Park
Drovers Way
St Albans

(Existing NCP Season Ticket Holders should apply in the way outlined above under 'I have an NCP Season Ticket – what should I do?')

I have a Senior Citizen Permit – what should I do?

NCP has written to all Senior Citizen Permit Holders, jointly with the Council, to explain what to do. If you have not received the letter, please contact our team at
As an existing Senior Citizen Permit holder, you will be able to continue to use your existing Permit with no changes until it expires.

When the time comes to renew your permit, please call 01727 751824

PLEASE NOTE: Before your permit expires, we are not able to send out renewal reminder letters.  If you do not renew your permit before expiry you will be at risk of receiving a parking ticket, so please make a note of the expiry date, and renew your permit in good time.

What will happen to NCP and NSL staff?

Many of the NCP and NSL staff will be joining the Council’s Team.

Where do I get information about Parking Services in St Albans, Harpenden and surrounding villages in the District?

Parking Services information can be found at

Date of last review: 27 September 2019