Street care & cleaning - a cleaner district

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St Albans City & District Council is responsible for keeping public areas of the district clean, safe, tidy and attractive. 

This work includes sweeping and litter picking roads and paths, removing fly tips, emptying litter bins, clearing up dog fouling, and removing graffiti. 

Some work such as grass cutting is the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council, more information on their responsibilities can be found further down the page. 

Help us keep St Albans city and district cleaner and greener

Rubbish at the roadside

Street Cleaning

The Council's waste contractor Veolia is responsible for keeping the public highway in the District clean and free from litter. This is done through routine inspections and reports from residents or visitors. If a road is inspected and has fallen below the expected levels then the contractors have a set timeframe within which to restore it to an acceptable condition. The crews are responsible for emptying litter bins as well as picking up litter, clearing spillages, removing graffiti, sweeping the road channels, amongst other tasks. 

Below is a map of the street cleaning zones within the district and a spreadsheet which show how frequently areas within the District are checked. Please use this to check how often streets should be cleaned when reporting any issues of this nature.
If you spot a problem, please call the hotline number, e-mail us or submit an online form (below) telling us what you have seen.
E- mail:     
Telephone: 01727 809019
Date of last review: 27 November 2017