The maintenance of highway trees is carried out by Ringway Infrastructure Services Ltd. They are the main contractor, responsible for the delivery of routine, planned, cyclical and reactive maintenance and improvement work. 

If you have an enquiry regarding highway tree maintenance, please contact Herts Direct on 0300 1234047. Email: 

Council tree maintenance

Favourite treeTrees in parks and open spaces and on council housing land are maintained by us. This land occasionally includes verges and open spaces that adjoin directly onto roads. All of our trees have been surveyed to record their location, dimensions and condition. We are currently working through the tree works that have resulted from the survey. The survey will eventually be repeated in 3-year cycles.

The work carried out by us includes:

  • tree planting 

  • pruning 

  • felling 

  • stump removal.

Tree planting is carried out to replace any losses through death, storm damage or felling of declining/unsafe trees. The species of tree planted usually reflects the type already in use in any given area.

Pruning through the removal of low growth is carried out to ensure trees do not obstruct any adjacent pavement, highway or adjoining property. Crown reduction of trees to control their size is sometimes carried out, depending on their condition and past management. Work is carried out according to the tree survey findings, the condition of the tree and the nature of any enquiry. As a general rule, we do not carry out work in response to complaints about obstructed daylight. We will strive to retain the natural shape and avoid work that is damaging to the health of the tree. 

Felling is carried out if trees are found to be seriously diseased, decayed, dead, dying or in a weakened condition. 

Stump removal usually follows after tree felling unless there are problems with access or the site does not warrant such work. For further information, please see our Tree Management & Protection FAQs.

The majority of our tree work is sent out for quotation to our contractors in order to ensure the Council gets value for money. This does mean work completion takes more time, possible up to 6 weeks after being issued.


Information on our policy approach to the maintenance of all trees on highways, parks, woodlands and housing property, as well as planning related issues to trees, has been set out in more detail in the Tree Policy and Action Plan for St Albans City and District first issued in Autumn 2004 and most recently reviewed in 2015/2016.

Contact us

We carry out most of our work following enquiries from the public and from inspections by the Trees and Woodlands section. The Trees and Woodlands section can be contacted by telephone on 01727 866100 or email

For enquiries affecting trees on Council housing land, these should be directed to the Housing Department (Tel: 01727 819301 or Email:  Initial inspections of housing trees are carried out by a member of the Housing Department. If tree works are agreed, the housing officer will send a request for the works to the Trees & Woodlands team. 

Date of last review: 29 January 2019