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Verulamium Park Greenspace Action Plan

Verulamium Park Greenspace Action Plan 2023 - 2028 Briefing Document

The current Greenspace Action Plan (GAP)  for Verulamium Park expired 2022, and a new GAP was initially planned to be implemented from April 2022. However, given several major projects within the park are at critical stages of development, the new GAP has been deferred by a year so that these projects can be fully integrated into plans for the following five years.

The new five-year GAP for Verulamium Park will therefore run from 2023-28. The briefing document below provides an overview of how the GAP will be produced and sets out how stakeholders can contribute to shaping the plan.

GAPs are essentially map-based management plans that provide focus and direction for the running and improvement of open spaces. They provide a clear, logical process to determine the activities that should take place over a stated period of time to achieve the objectives for the site.

Engaging communities is integral to the production of GAPs, to ensure that stakeholders are fully aware of and able to interact with the plan production process. This briefing document initiates and supports this community engagement.

If you have any ideas about ways in which we could improve Park or new facilities you would like to see, please tell us and they will be considered as part of this process.

The engagement period will run from 31st October 2022 to 30th November 2022. A further engagement period in early 2023 will provide an opportunity to assess the draft version of the GAP. Please use the contact details in Section 6 to comment on the aspirations for the site.

Please return your comments to Michael Poole at: