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Asset Management

The Asset Management team works to ensure the value of the Council’s assets is maximised, including dealing with land purchase requests.

The team deal with requests to devolve assets, ensure our valuations take place as required and as well as dealing with enquiries, disputes, and requests from residents in relation to existing property agreements. The team also support the Housing Department through the provision of surveying expertise.

Access to council-owned land Toggle accordion

Where access is required to or across Council-owned land to complete works to either your property or on Council-owned land adjacent to your property, you will require permission from the Council to do so and will usually be asked to enter into a Licence agreement with the Council.


Types of work that this applies to are:


Work to trees within your property that require access to Council-land in order that they can be completed safely and/or efficiently.

  1. Work to trees on Council-owned land that require access to Council-land in order that they can be completed safely and/or efficiently.
  2. Work to boundaries that requires access onto Council-owned land.
  3. Erection of scaffolding or other access equipment on Council-owned land to facilitate works on adjoining property
  4. Crossing of Council-owned land to access garages or parking spaces at the rear of adjoining residential premises.


If you wish to discuss any requirement to access Council-owned land then please e-mail: detail of the request.

CNC Asset Register Toggle accordion

This document list all of sites and assets that full under the CNC Committee

Community Asset Transfer Toggle accordion

This is the process by which qualifying groups can apply to the Council to have Council-owned assets devolved to them for the day-to-day running and future investment.

Additional guidance on this can be found here.

Fitness Licences Toggle accordion

If you wish to use one of our parks or green spaces for personal training or to run fitness sessions on a commercial basis, even on a one-on-one basis, you must be licensed by the Council.

We issue licences to individuals, fitness groups that charge their customers to allow us to regulate use of the parks and maintain safety.

We issue licences to ensure that:

  • the parks are protected
  • all visitors have access to and use of public open spaces
  • everyone can enjoy and benefit from various forms of fitness training in public spaces
  • fitness operators have appropriate qualifications (based on industry best practice) and are fully insured and hold liability for participants' safety
  • to ensure activities do not conflict with the operation of park or cause a nuisance

If you would like to apply for a licence please complete the application form below.

Land Purchase Applications Toggle accordion

Unfortunately the Council are not in a position to progress new requests to purchase land at the current time. This also means that requests that are at the initial stages of consideration and assessment are being placed on hold for now.

When we are in position to take such requests forward again details will be posted here.

Report a problem with open spaces Toggle accordion

Open spaces are managed by our Green Spaces department, to report any problem with open spaces please provide details using the following service: Grounds Maintenance.

Restrictive covenant relaxation Toggle accordion

It is common that former Council-owned properties will contain restrictive covenants in their transfer, agreed at the time of sale, which are used to protect the remainder of the Council-owned housing in the area.

Common restrictive covenants that were agreed are:

  1. Restriction of single-dwelling to be erected on transferred land
  2. Requirement to obtain permission for alterations to existing building and/or erection of buildings in garden areas
  3. Requirement to obtain permission to undertake tree-work on existing trees on transferred land.

You will be able to find the details of any restriction covenants in your title documents, if you require any assistance in understanding these documents you will need to discuss with your own legal advisor as the Council are unable to assist in this area.

If you would like to discuss the potential for releasing any restrictive covenants further please with as much detail as possible. You will then be advised on each matter further.