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Council tax

The Council Tax you pay funds services provided by us, Hertfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire Police. If you live in an area with a parish or town council, some of the Council Tax also goes to them. 

Council Tax and the £150 'energy rebate'. 

Most households in the St Albans District who are in Council Tax Bands A to D and who pay their Council Tax by direct debit will receive their £150 'energy rebate' payment into their bank account on Friday 29th April 2022. 

If you live in a property which is in Council Tax Band A, B, C or D and do not receive a payment on this date, it is likely this will be for one of the following reasons:

- You do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit. 
- You pay by Direct Debit but we have yet to take a payment from you or we haven't taken a payment recently. 
- Your Council Tax is paid by a third party or the name on your bank account is different from the name on your Council Tax bill. 

If you live in a property Banded A to D but don't pay your Council Tax by direct debit, you are still entitled to the £150 payment, but we will need to write to you to ask you to supply us with your bank details. You should receive a letter from the Council in early May so please look out for this. You will need to wait until you receive this letter before you can provide us with your bank details and you can only submit them to us via an online portal. This portal has been designed to be easy to use and should take no more than 5 minutes. If you think you will struggle with this or do not have access to the internet at home, please ask someone you trust, such as a friend or relative, to help you complete this.  

If you are concerned about rising energy costs or your income has been impacted by the Pandemic, please use our benefit calculator to find out if you may be entitled to financial help, including assistance with your Council Tax via Council Tax Support

Text Messaging: 

If we hold a valid mobile number we will now use 'text messaging' to remind residents if they are behind with their Council Tax or if they are about to be issued with a Court Summons for non-payment. We hope the use of text messaging in this manner should mean less residents incur recovery costs in relation to their Council Tax.

You should only receive a text message from us if you are in arrears. Any text from the Council will include your Council Tax account number which you can check against your bill to confirm it is genuine. The Council will not text you about a refund or to tell you we owe you money because of a 'band change' or similar. If you receive a text of this nature it is likely to be a 'scam'.    

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