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Discount, Class D Discount and Exemptions


If you are the only adult living in a property you may be entitled to a Single Person Discount which will reduce the amount you pay by 25%. If you want to apply for this discount, please log in to MyStalbans

If two or more adults live in a property you will normally not qualify for a discount. However, some people are ignored for Council Tax purposes. This means you can still qualify for a 25% reduction if the other people you live with are disregarded, for example, if they are a full-time student. 

To apply for a reduction because you are a full time student, or you live with one other person over the age of 18 who is a student, you will need to provide us with a student certificate. This can normally be obtained from the admissions office of the college / university. You can then apply online via your MyStAlbans account. 

If all the people living at the property are disregarded, the Council Tax Bill can be reduced by 50%.

For a list of people who are disregarded for Council Tax purposes please visit Entitledto

If you are liable for Council Tax on a second home which you have to occupy because of your job you could receive a 50% discount on the bill for this property. Some example of where this could apply are properties occupied by live-in teachers or caretakers, homes owned by publicans who are required to live in their licensed premises, and homes owned by service personnel who live in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.

There is normally no Council Tax Exemption or Discount for properties which are currently empty or unoccupied. However, if a property is unoccupied because it is undergoing major structural repairs or alteration you may still qualify for a 50% reduction in the Council Tax for a maximum period of 6 months. Please click on this link for further details - Class D Discount for empty properties


Council Tax may not be charged on certain properties. This is a called a Council Tax exemption. The following properties may qualify for a Council Tax exemption.

Class B: Properties owned by a charity provided the property was used for the purposes of the charity to that date (exempt for up to six months).

Class D: Properties left empty by someone who has been detained in a prison or hospital.

Class E: Properties left empty by someone who has gone to receive personal care in a home or hospital.

Class F: Properties left empty by someone who has died and is awaiting probate (and for up to six months after probate is granted).

Class G: Properties left empty because their occupation is forbidden by law.

Class H: Properties left empty waiting to be occupied by a Minister of Religion.

Class I: Properties left empty by someone who has moved to receive personal care.

Class J: Properties left empty by someone who has moved to provide personal care.

Class K: Properties left empty but owned and last occupied by a student.

Class L: Properties left empty where the mortgagee is in possession.

Class M: Students’ hall of residence.

Class N: Properties occupied only by students.

Class O: Armed forces accommodation.

Class P: Visiting forces accommodation.

Class Q: Properties left empty by a bankrupt person.

Class R: Vacant domestic caravan pitch.

Class T: Unoccupied annexes to occupied properties, where letting would be in breach of planning control.

Class S: Properties occupied only by persons under the age of 18.

Class U: Properties where all the occupants are severely mentally impaired (this exemption does not apply where the liability falls on non-resident owner).

Class V: Properties occupied by visiting diplomats.

Class W: Granny annexes where the occupant is elderly or disabled.


If you have received a Council Tax Bill and think an exemption should apply or would like further information you can contact the Council Tax Department via your MyStAlbans account.