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The Mayor’s Pride Awards are held to celebrate extraordinary people and outstanding organisations that make a positive contribution to the local community. Ensure these inspiring individuals and worthy organisations get the recognition they deserve by putting them forward to receive an award. 

Community Champion of the Year 

This award aims to reward people who have given up their spare time and gone out of their way to help others in the community. 

Cultural Innovation Award 

Creative people or groups whose ideas or achievements are an inspiration to others can be nominated for this award. 

Young Person of Distinction 

This award provides an opportunity to commend an exceptional child or young person for their talent, positivity, energy or strength of character. 

Community Project of the Year 

Recognition will be given to a project that has made a real difference to local people or has helped make the area more vibrant.

Community Oriented Business of the Year 

This award is for businesses in St Albans District that are working with the public or voluntary sectors on initiatives to benefit the community. 

Environmental Champion of the Year 

A group or individual showing innovation or commitment to improving the local environment will be honoured with this award. 

Voluntary Sector Award 

Recognition will be given to a group or individual for making a real difference to the community through their work in the voluntary sector. 

Inclusive Communities Award 

This award will be given to a community initiative that unites people of different ethnic, faith or socio-economic backgrounds. 


You may nominate as many people or organisations in as many different categories as you like. 
The deadline for nominations is Monday 10th February 2020.

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