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Parking, roads and transport

We are responsible for parking services - from managing car parks to introducing parking controls such as resident parking schemes to address local parking issues. 

We also help keep the streets clear by tackling illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. We are responsible for making sure streets are clearly and logically named and numbered.

Our aim is to make it as easy and safe as possible for residents, businesses and visitors to travel around the District and to find somewhere to park. 

Services to maintain our roads and pavements are carried out by Hertfordshire County Council, including potholes, faulty streetlights and traffic signs, weed control, and over-grown trees. But we’ll point you in the right direction to make it easy for you to report issues and have these sorted out.

Parking Services Covid-19 Update

Parking Services Covid-19 Update

Car parking measures to help residents during the third COVID-19 lockdown have been introduced in St Albans District.

The changes are the same as those that were applied during the November lockdown.

Permit Parking Areas

When the Corona virus first came about last year in the UK, no one knew much about it or what level of threat the Country was facing. Under those largely unknown circumstances lots of Councils locked down in the true sense of the word and diverted resources where necessary - within 24 hours of Government advice, we acted. As Category 1 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act, the Council focused their resources appropriately with some staff being redeployed to support the Corona virus effort.

However, this time around we know a lot more about the virus and of course there is the roll out of the new vaccines.  People generally are more Covid aware than the first time around - PPE, distancing, shops with Covid mitigating processes and so on. As a result of the experience gained since the first lockdown back in March 2020, we have been able to allocate resources with more focus.

What this means for the parking service moving forward is that we will be taking a sensible and supportive approach to residential areas. If any safety concerns are reported or unsafe parking practices we would attend to those. Outside of that, we will be adopting a light touch approach.

However, what it does not mean is that we can leave residential zones to self-Police and allow a general free for all. We still have to manage the finite kerb space as best as we can and ensure that any increase in cars can be sensibly catered for. Resident are obliged to obtain a permit for display if they wish to be parked in a zone with controls. Given that the majority of residents who use the zones already have permits that they pay for, it would not be equitable to allow the minority to park without this requirement.

Pressure on street spaces is likely to grow with more people working from home rather than travelling by car to their office.

St Albans City and District Council will allow residents from high-demand Controlled Parking Zones to use nearby car parks for free as an overflow. However, They must have a valid resident’s permit on display. in addition, to help residents in all residential zones who may have trouble parking overnight beside their home, the free parking period at Council car parks has been extended by two hours. Charges apply from 8.30am to 5.30pm rather than the normal 7.30am to 6.30pm.

Residents are also allowed to buy an extra two books of visitor permits above the usual personal allowance.

On going enforcement during this period

The Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) – formerly known as traffic wardens – will focus on major routes such as City Centre streets. They will also ensure deliveries to essential shops can be carried out freely.

Other priorities are dangerous, obstructive and anti-social parking such as blocking a driveway or parking on double-yellow lines near junctions.

CEOs will continue to keep a look out for parking infringements in the District where demand for spaces is intense.

All of these measures will remain in force until the end of the lockdown which is likely to be mid-February at the earliest.

Car Parks

The Council is continuing its policy of giving car park concessions to critical care workers such as NHS staff and COVID-19 volunteers as well as health and social care workers.

For more help or assistance please email or call: 01727 751 824 and chose the appropriate option for your enquiry.

Important Notice:

Due to current lockdown restrictions and delays with postal services across the country, we are experiencing delays in processing and posting permits of all types. We are working hard to ensure that any delays are kept to a minimum but we can not guarantee that permits will be delivered within the normal time scales. If your permit has expired or you need your permit sooner, you may be able to collect it from our Drovers Way Office, to do this please make your application in the normal way and then email your request to collect to remember to state your applicant ID and details of the permit application. A member of the team will then get back to you via email to arrange the collection. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

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