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Parking, roads and transport

We are responsible for parking services - from managing car parks to introducing parking controls such as resident parking schemes to address local parking issues. 

We also help keep the streets clear by tackling illegally parked or abandoned vehicles. We are responsible for making sure streets are clearly and logically named and numbered.

Our aim is to make it as easy and safe as possible for residents, businesses and visitors to travel around the District and to find somewhere to park. 

Services to maintain our roads and pavements are carried out by Hertfordshire County Council, including potholes, faulty streetlights and traffic signs, weed control, and over-grown trees. But we’ll point you in the right direction to make it easy for you to report issues and have these sorted out.

Parking Services Covid-19 Update

Parking Services Update – May 2021

To mark the next easing of lockdown, we will be taking steps to encourage people to our High Street shops to support local businesses.

From Monday 17th May 2021, we will be returning to normal enforcement activity in all areas including resident permit parking areas.  To help ease the transition to normal enforcement, for a period of 2 weeks we will be issuing warning notices to vehicles that are parked in resident permit areas without a permit unless as before, you have parked inconsiderately or dangerously where a penalty charge notice will be issued without warning.  After this period normal enforcement will resume which will be kept under review.

Residents in controlled permit zones will need to display a valid permit for their zone. Applications for new permits can be made using the link below;

As lockdown is eased, parking services will  also be returning to normal enforcement activity within our carparks and normal rules will resume. However, In an effort to support local businesses we are allowing free parking in the following car parks from 17th May 2021 to 24th May 2021 from 3pm till 7.30am the next morning:

  • Civic Centre
  • Drovers Way
  • Russell Avenue
  • London Road
  • Bowers Way East
  • Bowers Way West

This will provide 1690 spaces for shoppers and visitors to use and give our high streets a boost, please remember to take this next step safely and continue to follow ‘Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air’.  You will also see our Covid support officers handing out masks and covid tests next week if you have come out to the shops and forgotten your mask and to help support the fight against Covid so we can keep on track for the next easing of lockdown.

All other car parks will maintain the same tariffs and regulations as explained on the signage within them.

Applying for permits;

For more help and assistance please email: or alternatively you can talk to us by calling 01727–751824


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