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Driveways and Access Markings

What can I do if someone blocks my driveway?

If you are experiencing vehicles blocking your driveway access, we can enforce this under current parking regulations. However, we can only enforce at the request of the resident affected. To do this you can call our parking enforcement using the following contact details.

Tell us about illegal parking using the parking enquiry form

Telephone us on 01727 866100

What if I want yellow lines or any other deterrent across my driveway?

Unfortunately in most cases we cannot provide any yellow line restrictions across private driveways. However, we are able to provide a white access marking or white line usually referred to as an H bar.  ‘H bars’ are advisory only, their purpose is to draw attention of other motorists to a driveway or access point but they are not needed for the parking team to serve a Penalty Charge Notice, (PCN). The enforcement team can serve a PCN to a car that is parked by the dropped kerb, (wheels of the vehicle have to be adjacent to the dropped part of the kerb).

The line extends 0.5m past the angled kerbs, and this type of work is usually added to a larger lining orders to minimise costs. Additionally, as the lining works are weather dependant, we cannot provide accurate time scales for the completion of the works but usually it can take 6 – 12 weeks.

This is normally installed from the start of the dropped kerb one side across to the start of the dropped kerb on the other side. Unfortunately there is a cost to the resident which is detailed below;

  • New Access marking (H Bar) £120
  • Refresh existing H bar £100

Request new or refreshed access markings using the parking enquiry form

How can I get a dropped kerb for a driveway?

Unfortunately the responsibility for access from the highway to a private driveway remains with the highways authority. The Highways Authority is Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). To apply for a dropped kerb you would be required to complete their application process on their website following the below web link. Please note, the link may take you away from this page.

Hertfordshire County Council Dropped Kerb Applications