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Single Person Discount Review

If you currently receive a Single Person Discount of 25% in respect of your Council Tax you may receive a letter about this. We are required to review Council Tax discounts because sometimes people forget to tell us when the number of adults living at their address changes. This change could be the result of: 

- a new partner moving in
- a new tenant moving in
- a child turning 18 years of age or an adult child returning home on a permanent basis. 

The review is managed on behalf of the Council by a company called NEC Software Solutions. Their contact details are on your review letter. About NEC in the UK: About NEC | NEC

The easiest way to complete this review is by following the instructions on the letter and visiting to confirm whether you are still entitled to a Single Person Discount or not. 

If you are not able to complete this process online, please ring (01727) 296166 as soon as possible. 

If you have received a letter and you do not confirm that you are still the only adult living in the property, your Single Person Discount will be removed. If this happens you will receive a revised Council Tax Bill detailing what you are now required to pay.