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Empty Homes Review

You may have recently received a letter about the occupancy status of your property. In support of the Government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing, St Albans City & District Council regularly carries out reviews of properties which, according to our Council Tax Records, are currently registered as being long-term empty and unoccupied. Long term might mean a property which we understand has been empty and unoccupied for more than three months

If you have received a letter about a property which we understand is empty and unoccupied, please use the link below to confirm if the property is still unoccupied or to update us on the current status of the property.  Please note you will still need to complete this review even if you are paying the Council Tax for the property and you intend to keep the property empty and unoccupied for any reason. 

The review is being managed on behalf of the Local Authority by a company called NEC Software Solutions UK. NEC's contact details are on your review letter. 

Click here to complete the review

For more information on Council Tax on empty properties, please click here.