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Council tax refunds

If you have paid too much Council Tax for any reason you may be entitled to a refund. Log in to MyStAlbans to claim any credit on your Council Tax account.

If you are claiming a refund in respect of a third party please download, complete and return this claim form.

Please quote your <Council Tax Account number> in brackets in the subject line of your e-mail, like this <60594851>. This will also help us to process this refund more quickly. 

Council Tax Refund Scams. 

St Albans District Council are aware of a number of ‘scams’ currently operating in relation to Council Tax. Typically, these involve you getting a message or a phone call saying that you are entitled to a refund, possibly because you are in the wrong Council Tax Band, and asking for card or bank details to send the refund to.

We do not send out such messages. We send both text messages and letters if you fall behind with your Council Tax but we will not telephone or text you asking for bank details for a refund.

If you do get a phone call or message about a refund and asking for such details, it is a scam. Put the phone down if it is a call. If it is a text or email, do not click on any links, open any attachments, or fill in any form details.

You can report scam messages or emails to the police via the Action Fraud website.

You should contact your bank immediately if you have already given out bank details or think you have lost money because someone has used your card or bank details fraudulently.

If you think you might be genuinely entitled to a refund because you have paid too much Council Tax, please contact the Council Tax Team via your MyStAlbans account. 

You can check the balance of your account online to check whether you are owed Council Tax. Register to MyStAlbans for this service.