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Moving in and out of a property

If you need to tell us that you have moved into the district, are moving out or have changed your address, you can use the online form below. 

If you are already paying Council Tax within the district and you are moving you will need your current Council Tax Account number. If you don't know your Council Tax number you can find it on your most recent bill. Alternatively if you have a MyStalbans account you can click the button below and answer a few security questions to retrieve it. You can then use the 'Tell Us About a Change of Address' button to inform us of this change. If you can't find your Council Tax number you can still use this service but it might take us a little longer to process the change.   

Find your Council Tax Account number

If you are moving into the St Albans District for the first time, or you have not previously been liable for Council Tax, you can just click on the link below and select the third option to register for Council Tax. 

 Tell Us About a Change of Address

Once you have registered for Council Tax, you can also use this service to view your bills online, apply for a discount, set up a direct debit and sign up to receive your bills electronically. 'E-Billing' helps us save paper which helps the environment. You can also link your Council Tax Account to your 'MyStAlbans' account.