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Fast-track trees

Fast-track service for applications relating to TPO trees and Conservation Area notices

A fast-track service now exists for tree work applications so that decisions are made by the end of the 4th week after validation unless they are called in for a Planning Committee to determine instead.

Applicants or agents wanting to use the fast-track service will be informed of the paid-for fast-track option and how to apply in the acknowledgement email they receive after their application is validated by the Council.

For applications receiving our standard (no fee) decision service, those relating to TPO trees will be determined before 8 weeks after validation. Conservation Area notice applications will have automatic permission 6 weeks after validation unless they are refused, leading to a TPO being served by the Council.
Decision notices will only be sent by the Council for TPO applications and Conservation Area notices that are refused. Conservation Area notices achieving automatic permission will have this status published on the Council’s website without a decision notice being sent.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The fast-track service exists only for applications made via the Planning Portal.
  2. Decisions will be issued by the Council via email only.
  3. The fee charged by the Council for the service is £150.
  4. Fees are non-refundable unless a fast-track application is called in to Committee.
  5. The Council reserves the right to delay its decision after 4 weeks from validation in the event more information is required due to the application containing inaccurate or ambiguous information.
  6. Access to the application site must be made available to the Council during the 4 week period after validation for them to assess a fast-track application within that period.
  7. Applications must include all telephone and email contact information for both applicant and agent in order to be considered for fast-track by the Council. Please note that the Council does not publish applicants’ telephone or email information on our website. 
  8. If you have any questions or concerns, please seek clarification from before you make a payment as it is non-refundable.