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Plans for a St Albans skate park

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Plans to create an exciting outdoor skate park in St Albans could be revealed later this year.

The park would cater for the increasingly popular activities of riding skateboards, BMX bikes, roller skates and scooters.

A petition calling for a skate park was submitted earlier this year to St Albans City and District Council.

Councillors on the Public Realm Committee are to consider a report about the issue at their meeting on Wednesday 8 September.

If they accept the report’s recommendations, they will agree in principle to creating a park and will set up a working group to look at the issue in depth.

The group will seek to establish a suitable location. It will also look at how the park will be funded with community groups consulted throughout about the project.

The working group will then report back to the Committee’s November meetings with detailed proposals about how to progress the scheme.

Councillor Anthony Rowlands, the Committee’s Chair, said:

I very much hope that the Committee will agree to move forward with this ambitious plan to create an outdoor skate park in our City.

Skateboarding and BMX riding are now Olympic Sports and interest in them from young people is increasing all the time.

These activities are great for people’s physical health and mental wellbeing and it is vitally important that we support this venture as our community recovers from the stresses and strains of the Covid lockdowns.

I think an outdoor skate park in St Albans is long overdue and it is clear from the petition that there is considerable public demand.

There are many challenges to overcome, not least finding the money to finance the project.

However, I hope that the proposed working party will move ahead with its work without delay.

Photo by Oleksandr Kurchev on Unsplash

Councillor Contact: Councillor Anthony Rowlands, Chair of the Public Realm Committee:; Tel: 07761 232064

Contact for the media: John McJannet, Principal Communications Officer, St Albans City District Council: 01727