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Support Clean Air Night!

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Residents in St Albans District are urged to avoid wood burning and support Clean Air Night on Wednesday 24 January.

St Albans City and District Council is supporting the new national campaign which highlights the dangers of wood burning. 

Lighting fires at home has become the largest source of small particle air pollution in the UK. Campaigners say it causes harm to:

The planet - wood burning creates more harmful CO2 emissions compared to other forms of heating.

Health - smoke from wood burning is also a cause of life-threatening illnesses including heart and lung disease. 

Personal finances – research shows that burning wood is almost always more expensive than other forms of heating. 

As well as refraining from burning wood on Clean Air Night, people are being asked to avoid doing so throughout the year.

The campaign is organised by the environmental charity Global Action Plan, funded by Hertfordshire County Council and supported by many other local authorities.

Councillor Raj Visram, Lead for Climate for St Albans City and District Council, said: 

People may like the idea of sitting around a roaring fire such as a wood burning stove.

Wood burning seems like a natural source of heat, but there are a lot of myths surrounding the practice that we want to make our residents aware of.

The uncomfortable truth is that lighting fires in our homes has become the largest source of small particle air pollution in the UK.

Smoke causes air pollution and is a health hazard while it tends to be a more expensive way of heating your home than conventional means.

If you rely on wood for your heating, use approved wood or other ready-to-burn materials and ensure that your appliance is regularly serviced and eco-design accredited.

We hope people will take notice of this and support this important campaign by keeping the skies clear on Wednesday 24 January and for the rest of the year.

More information about Clean Air Night, including the latest research on wood burning, can be found on the campaign website here.

Media Contact: John McJannet, Principal Communications Officer, 01727 819533;