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Roadside Verges, Grass Cutting, Shrubs, Hedges and Trees

Verulam Estate Update - 22/3/24 Toggle accordion

The Council understands the frustration of the residents of the Verulam Estate and will continue to maintain all the land that is owned by St Albans District Council. The Council will also continue to maintain land that is adopted highway under the Highways Agency Agreement it has with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). 

However, the Council will not be able to undertake maintenance on land that is not owned by the Council or does not form part of the Highways Agency Agreement. These areas of land have been maintained in the past as the Council believed they were in its ownership/Agency Agreement. Unfortunately, now that the Council is aware that these areas of land are in private ownership this will not be possible without landowner consent and the Council is not funded to undertake this work. Any maintenance to these areas could be considered trespass and/or criminal damage. There is also the risk the Council and/or its contractors would not be insured. 

The Council has now had confirmation from HCC’s Green Infrastructure Team that they would like the Council and its contractors, to continue maintaining the grass areas as designated under the existing Agency Agreement, until such time that they have received legal advice to establish HCC’s position in relation to these privately owned parcels.

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St Albans City & District Council manage Highways verge vegetation on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.

This includes:

Report Fly tipping on the highway managed by the Waste Management team in partnership with Veolia

Report Fly Tipping on the Highway Street cleaning


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