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Roadside Grass Verge Cutting 2024

Typically we cut grass verges on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council multiple times a year to keep our roads and pavements clear and to ensure visibility is not obscured.

In some locations we are trying to promote wildflower growth and biodiversity.  This is known as alternative verge maintenance and is part of Hertfordshire County Councils  Sustainable Hertfordshire strategy.

Highway grass cutting regimes

Urban Grass Verges Toggle accordion

Urban Grass verges are found in residential areas and are shown on the maps as yellow and black hatched areas.

Depending on weather and ground conditions we aim to cut these verges on rolling 3 to 4 week programme between March and October.

There areas are cut using a combination of ride on mowers and strimmers. We strim around street furniture and other obstacles every other cut. 

To reduce the risk of damage we do not strim around trees at all.

View a map of grass verges 

Swathe Cut Toggle accordion

Swathe are grass verges that usually run along the side the main roads and lanes in rural areas.  These are cut twice a year in May and October with a tractor and side mounted flail.

View a map of grass verges 

Visibility Verge Toggle accordion

The purpose of a Visibility Cut is to maintain safe sightlines at junctions and bends along roads. 

These are cut 4 times a year, between March-April, May-June, July-August and October-November with a tractor and side mounted flail.

View a map of grass verges 

Highway Verge Rewilding (summer meadow) Toggle accordion

In some locations Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) are trying to promote wildflower growth and biodiversity by cutting and collecting once a year in September/October. This allows more established verges to flourish

There areas are shown on the online makes as a light blue areas (see below)

This is known as 'alternative verge maintenance' and is part of the HCC Sustainable Hertfordshire strategy.

Residents can nominate sites by contacting their County Councillor.  Nominated verges will be assessed by the Highway Authority (HCC) and may be implemented.  

Only locations that meet the criteria will be approved.  Nominated verges must:

  • currently be cut more than once per year
  • not be close to a junction where longer grass would restrict visibility
  • not be next to a pavement or road that would become partially blocked by longer grass
  • not become unsightly and attract complaints if left uncut (more relevant in urban areas).

View a map of grass verges 

Urban Highway Grass Verge cutting schedule and cut status

Status update June 2024 Toggle accordion

In the 2024 grass cutting season, there was a change in the specification that St Albans City & District Council requires our grounds’ maintenance contractor to work to.  This included not strimming around trees (due to the damage strimmer’s were causing to the bark) and secondarily, that the strimmer operatives would cut on every other cutting cycle only. 

Due to the very wet conditions experienced this winter and in March and April, our grounds maintenance contractor could not bring machinery onto the grass as it would cause excessive damage. This, along with the new specification and the high grass growth rate (which we are experiencing at present) has left the edges, around signs and lamp columns looking very tatty. We also acknowledge that there have been some teething problems with the new way of working and this has extended the time to complete a round. 

We have spoken to the contractor and have reiterated that the standards are below what is expected especially around the quality of the cut and clearing the grass from paths and road gullies. The Council recognises that these factors have not been ideal, but we would like to assure you that these areas will be picked up during the next cut and tidied up. 

St Albans City & District Council apologises for this situation and our teams are working very hard to turn this around.

Thank you for your patience.

Cutting RouteArea Current Cut Number Strimming during this cut?Start DateEstimated Finish dateStatus
Route 1 Harpenden, Wheathampstead and Sandridge





Day 2


Route 2Colney Heath, London Colney, Bricket Wood and Park Street





Day 2

Week 1

Route 3Redbourn, North and East St Albans 





Day 8

Week 2

Route 4South and West St Albans





Day 13

Week 3

Updated 15/7/24

You can check which verges we maintain on behalf of Hertfordshire County by clicking the button below.

Map showing which verges we cut

If you spot an error with the grass verge mapping please report it and we'll look into it.

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