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Senior Citizens Parking Permits for Car Parks

From 1st April 2024, a Senior Citizens Car Park Permit is means tested.

If you currently use a Senior Citizens Parking Permit, this will continue to be valid until its expiry date.

The Senior Citizens Parking Permit is available to residents of St Albans City and District:

  • who are over the age of 66 and
  • who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support - please note that this does not include the 25% single occupancy reduction
  • Proof must be provided
  • One permit per household
  • The cost of the permit is £40 per annum (year)
  • Dual permits will no longer be available from 1 April 2024. 

The permit allows the user to park in any of the listed St Albans City and District Council managed Car Parks for two hours. See the Car Parks listed below.

Please note: the Council has moved to a virtual permit system, meaning you will not receive a physical permit to display within your vehicle. 

For the full terms and conditions see below.

How to apply

Please see our short video guides below for guidance on how to create an account and how to make an application. You will need to create a parking permit account on the website we use to manage these called PermitSmarti. Please note, this is not an app you need to download.

You will only have to set up an account the first time you apply. Any additional permit applications can be made from your account going forward, including renewals. 

  • If you are applying for a senior citizen permit only, please set up a ‘Car Park User Account’
  • If you require a resident permit for your street and a senior citizen permit, please set up a ‘Resident Account’

Video guides

Account Creation Video Guide 

How to Apply Video Guide 

By applying for a permit, you agree to the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions (Senior Citizen Permit) Toggle accordion


St Albans City & District Council (SADC) currently offer a Senior Citizens Parking Permit Scheme available to residents who meet the Means Test criteria. The permit allows the user to park in any of the listed SADC managed Car Parks for a period of 2 hours without payment. 

Qualification Criteria:

  • Be either registered as a SADC Taxpayer or registered to vote in the district.

  • Be aged over 66.

  • Be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support (proof must be provided). Please note that this does not include 25% single occupancy reduction.

Application - Proof:

You must provide the following documentation You will be able to scan your proofs (or take a photo of them) as a part of the application and upload them to your online account. The following documents will be acceptable and must be in the name of the applicant:

Proof of your age - one of the following: 

  • Driving licence

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Department Works Pensions- Pension Letter dated within the last 12 months

Proof of Eligibility:

  • Council Tax Bill/Housing Benefit Award

  • Vehicle Registration Document

  • Copy of Vehicle Insurance with you as named driver if you drive someone else's vehicle.

Permits are not valid until your eligibility has been approved.

Terms and Conditions 

Permits allow up to 2 hrs free parking at all SADC Car Parks. 

Permits can only be used once per day.

When parking at the surface car parks (excl. Drovers Way & Russell Avenue), the clock must be clearly displayed within the vehicle, set to the time of arrival.

At Drovers Way & Russell Avenue, the account/permit holder must visit the customer service window to validate their ticket on arrival.

The account/permit holder be present to validate the ticket.

The vehicle must be parked within the confines of the parking space.

Permits are not transferable and can only be used by the registered account/permit holder.

A parking permit does not entitle the holder to park in a suspended bay. 

The permit is only valid for the vehicle registered on the account. You are only allowed to register one vehicle. 

The Council reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, application procedures and the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders at any time.

Permits are valid for a 12-month period and will need to be renewed by the permit holder each year by logging onto their online permit account. Whilst every effort will be made to send reminder emails to the account holder prior to expiry date, it is the permit holders’ responsibility to renew. 

Permit prices are reviewed annually. 

Permits are the property of the Council and can be cancelled at any time. Reasons why the Council may cancel a permit include:

  • The permit holder has ceased to be eligible under these terms & conditions or the relevant Traffic Regulation Order. 

  • Any other reason the Council deems is misuse or detrimental to the Permit Parking Scheme. 

By applying or purchasing any type of permit, the applicant:

  • Certifies that all the information the applicant has given in the application process is correct.
  • Accepts the Council’s terms & conditions as varied from time to time together with any terms & conditions stated on the letter to which the permit is attached at the time of issue. 
  • Agrees to be bound by and comply with the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders which may be varied from time to time. 

Permit holders are required to move their vehicle if requested to do so by a Civil Enforcement Officer, Car Park Officer or by the Police. 

Not complying with the terms & conditions may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

Change of vehicle- When you change your vehicle you should immediately register your new vehicle on your account. Your permit is only valid on the vehicle which matches the registration number registered on your online account.

Refunds - If you no longer require your virtual permit you may apply for a refund. Please visit your online account and select the option cancel permit. An administration fee of £13.20 will be deducted per virtual permit cancelled. Refunds are calculated on how many full calendar months remain on your virtual permit. No refunds will be given where the amount owing is the same as or less than the administration fee.





List of Car Parks for use of Permit Toggle accordion

St Albans Car Parks

  • Adelaide Street Surface Car Park (AL3 5BH)
  • Bricket Road North Surface Car Park (AL1 3JT)
  • Civic Centre Multi-Storey Car Park (AL1 3JS)
  • Clarence Park Surface Car Park (AL1 4NF)
  • Drovers Way Multi-Storey Car Park* (AL3 5EB)
  • Gombards Surface Car Park (AL3 5EN)
  • Keyfield Terrace Surface Car Park (AL1 1PD)
  • London Road Surface Car Park (AL1 1NG)
  • Russell Avenue Multi-Storey Car Park* (AL3 5EB)
  • Townsend Avenue Surface Car Park (AL1 3HA)
  • Verulamium Surface Car Park (AL3 4SW)
  • Westminster Lodge Car Park (AL1 2DJ)

*Customers using the Drovers Way or Russell Avenue Car Parks will be required to obtain a normal car park ticket on entry and have the ticket validated once you have parked (on arrival). You can do this by taking your ticket along with your Senior Citizens Permit to the Customer Service window located on level 1a of the Drovers Way Section, next to ShopMobility. The main entrance to this section is directly opposite Travelodge. 

Harpenden Car Parks

  • Amenbury Lane (AL5 2HU)
  • Bowers Way East Car Park (AL5 4EQ)
  • Bowers Way West Car Park Upper and Lower (Sainsbury) (AL5 4EW)
  • Lydekker Car Park (AL5 4JE)

How to use your virtual permit: 

If you are making use of a Council surface car park (pay and display car park), please ensure that your clock is set to your time of arrival and displayed clearly on your dashboard. 

If you do not have a clock, please contact the Council to request one. 

Drovers Way or Russell Avenue multi-storey car parks:
On arrival, once you have parked your vehicle, please take the barrier car park ticket to the customer service window for it to be validated for your free 2 hours of parking. 

Extending parking time:
Parking time can be extended by paying for a ticket in the normal way on arrival (by mobile or pay and display ticket) then setting your clock to display the time your ticket ends.

Pre-1 April 2024 senior citizen dual permit holders:

If you already have two vehicles on your Senior Citizens Permit (dual permit), please note that before parking you will need to ensure that you log into your parking permit account and activate the vehicle in use. 

If you do not activate the vehicle in use at the time, you may be at risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), or you may not be entitled to the two hours of free parking.

Only one vehicle on the permit can be parked at any one time.