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St Albans Market Activities and Events

If you belong to a community organisation and you'd like the opportunity to raise awareness, funds, or even just a smile, it may be possible to allocate you a trading pitch at St Albans Market on a Saturday.

little girl wearing a hat, doing a craft activity

What’s the story?

In order to maintain the vibrancy of St Albans Markets and meet the needs of traders, residents and visitors alike, the Council is usually able to make a pitch available on Saturday's Market for community organisations to perform, promote and entertain. This is an opportunity for groups to come along to the market and put on a show to sell tickets or raise awareness of a particular cause. Organisations can book one day a year in the space, though if charities would like additional days on the Market on other occasions, they can still book and pay for it using the standard application procedure. Visit the 'Trade at St Albans markets' page here, and click on the link for a charity pitch.

Where is the space?

There is no fixed space for these activities to take place. The location of the pitch will depend on what spaces are available on any given day.

What is provided?

The space is provided, along with access to a gazebo, which participants will have to collect from Markets officers and erect for themselves.

What kinds of activities might be suitable?

Art activities, performances, demonstrations, exhibitions, displays, you name it. Anything interactive, engaging, amusing or thought-provoking that’s suitable for a family audience. Perhaps you’d like to do something to tie in with an awareness day or cultural celebration – see the calendar linked below which sets out awareness days and major religious days of observance if you’d like some inspiration.

How do I sign up?

First, email with a brief outline of what you’d like to do, and your proposed date, so we can check if it is available. We'll get back to you to let you know if it is, or suggest some alternatives.

Can I raise money for charity?

If you want to collect funds as part of your activity, you’ll need to apply for a street collection licence, and only one of those is made available per market day, so you’ll have to get in early. Go to this page to find out how to make an application.

Can I charge for an activity?

It’s fine if you need to make a small charge to cover your costs.

Do I need anything else?

Your organisation will need to have £5m-worth of Public Liability Insurance, and you’ll need to submit a short risk assessment along with your application.