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Use an electricity generator at St Albans Market

The SIP 2700W generator is an example of an electricity generator suitable for use at St Albans Market
The SIP 2700W generator

This policy applies to all electricity generators used on St Albans Market from onwards.

Whilst we do have some electricity sockets on the market, it is possible that for reasons of load or location you might want to use an electricity generator. This policy provides information on the types of generator that we will approve, and the steps that you need to take to keep your generator working in a safe condition.

You may only use our electricity supply or an electrical generator after receiving written permission from the markets team There is a charge of £2 per day to use our electricity supply. The charge does not apply if you are using our electricity for lights, tills, or weighing scales only but you still need to request our permission to use our supply. To request permission, please send an email to

Your generator

You must make sure that your generator:

  • is fuelled by liquid petroleum gas (L.P.G.) or diesel (we do not allow petrol fuelled generators on the market)
  • is fully enclosed and silenced, you must not use an open cage generator
  • produces noise levels of less than 70 dB measured at a distance of 7 m distance from the generator
  • is installed in the open air within your pitch (not under tables, benches, or within the confines of a vehicle or trailer)

Keeping your generator safe

You must:

  • make sure that your generator, cabling, and distribution are in good working order (you can find electrical contractors who can inspect your electrical equipment at
  • fully fuel your generator before coming to market (you must not refuel at the market or store any extra fuel on your pitch)
  • have a suitable (tested, in-date) powder fire extinguisher on your pitch