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Working with the Council

Available Contract & Council Tenders

Are you an SME looking to tender for Council services? - The Council uses the Supply Hertfordshire procurement portal for all tender opportunities.

The portal also encourages Hertfordshire businesses to tender for public sector contracts across Hertfordshire.

The online toolkit provides Information and procurement guidance to small and local businesses to help you.

If you require more information about our procurement processes, contracts or tenders.

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We are working to be more business friendly. A key part of this is to make it easier for small businesses and local businesses to compete for Council contracts.

We are taking a number of actions to facilitate this including:

  • publishing and regularly updating a list of contract opportunities coming up using the contract register.
  • publishing tender opportunities online.
  • providing feedback, encouraging comments and offering other support to current and prospective suppliers.
  • utilising the Supply Hertfordshire Toolkit to provide tailored guidance to small and local businesses.

Modern Slavery S54 Transparency Statement

The Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership website ('Stop The Exploitation') has lots of useful information.

Council contracts

The Council's register of contracts listing information for goods, works and services above £10,000.