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Verulamium Park FAQs

Why are the footpaths around the lake flooded? Toggle accordion

The Hertfordshire and North London Area received 175% of the long term average rainfall during May 2021. The majority of the Environment Agency flow indicator sites recorded above normal monthly mean flows while the remaining sites recorded notably high flows. Groundwater levels declined at all of their indicator sites and ranged between normal and notably high levels.

Environment Agency Water Situation reports

This means there is much more water in the river than normal and has resulted in the river topping its bank at Belle Meadow with the water flowing uncontrolled into the lake. 

Water exits the large lake via a fixed sluice at the Causeway (near the public toilets)

The flooding is happening because more water is flowing into the Lake than can flow out at the other end resulting in it backing up a bit like a blocked drain. 

Can I feed the ducks and swans on the Lake in Verulamium Park? Toggle accordion

No. In places where waterfowl are fed by members of the public, they can be found to suffer from poor nutrition.

There may also be some birds who suffer from Angel Wing. This is a condition often caused by a high intake of protein and carbohydrates and a lack of essential nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin E.

We are therefore discouraging members of the public from feeding the waterfowl, as it can have a detrimental effect on both their health and the condition of the lakes.

Can I organise an event in a park or green spaces managed by the Council? Toggle accordion

The Council encourage members of the public to hold events within the parks and green space that it manages.If you are planning or organising an event you should contact the Council to discuss your plans as consent / and or a license may be required.

Advice and Guidance for Events


Can I run group activities such as a fitness classes? Toggle accordion

The Council encourages group activities within the parks and green space that it manages.

There is an application process and, if accepted, you will be issued with a permit.

For more information please contact

Can I place dog waste bags into a standard litter bin? Toggle accordion


Can I sail my model boat on the Verulamium Park lakes? Toggle accordion

Members of the public may sail model boats on the smaller of the two lakes which is known as the Boating Lake.  The use of model boats on the larger of the two lakes is not permitted at any time.

Is camping permitted in the Parks and Green Spaces managed by the Council? Toggle accordion

No, camping is not permitted in any of the parks and green spaces that are managed by St Albans City and District Council.

Lost and found property in Verulamium Park Toggle accordion

There are a number of facilities within Verulamium Park and these operate their own lost and found systems.

  • John O'Conner (grounds maintenance) Ltd - 01727 866638
  • Verulamium Museum - 01727 751810
  • Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre - 01727 736080
  • Abbey View Golf and Track -01727 868227
  • Inn on the Park - 01727 838246

If you have lost something while visiting one of our other parks and green spaces, please contact the Parks and Green Spaces team on 01727 819366.

Splash Park – Why is water constantly spraying out of the jets Toggle accordion

Water is recirculated, filtered and treated with chlorine to ensure that it is clean and safe.

The water flow is automated to ensure that the outlets are flushed and the water treated in accordance with pool health and safety recommendations and guidance. We cannot therefore simply turn the system off when it is not in use as this would compromise the filtration process that keeps the water clean and safe for children to play in.

At the end of each season the system is turned off, the water is drained, and the water jets removed for the winter. The Splash Park is then re-commissioned in April in preparation for its opening in May.

What is the distance around the Lakes in Verulamium Park? Toggle accordion

The distance around both the small and large lakes in Verulamium Park is approximately 1189 meters.

The large lake is 1056 meters and the small lake is 236 meters approximately.

Am I allowed to go on to the frozen surface of the lakes at Verulamium park? Toggle accordion

The Council's advice to members of the public is not to go on to the frozen surface of the lakes or for that matter any body of water, The ice is very unstable and could disintegrate at any time without warning.

Can I use a gazebo in a park or green space? Toggle accordion

We do not permit this. There have been cases elsewhere in the country where gazebo’s have been caught in the wind because they have not been correctly secured to the ground and caused injury.