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Events advice and guidance

Covid-19 Advice for Event Organisers

Guidance for people who work in settings related to events and visitor attractions - what you need to know

Hosting an event in St Albans

With over 150 parks and open spaces administrated by the City, Parish and Town Councils in the District, we are happy to support you to host a wide range of commercial and community events throughout the year.

If your event is on council owned land submission to the Safety Advisory Group is compulsory. Please find more information on this process below.

Event Protocol Toggle accordion

The Event Booking Protocol helps ensure you are able to comply with your requirements as an Event Organiser. This guidance has been designed to help you plan and prepare for your event as well as highlight any application processes that may be applicable.

Land Permission Toggle accordion

You need to ensure that you have permission to hold your event at your preferred location. This may mean you need to make more than one application to secure approval, as it may be subject to more than one piece of legislation.

Please see the Parks and Green Spaces Audit for information on available green spaces in the district.

If the land is owned by SADC we will confirm if the site is available for your event and advise you of the next steps to secure a land hire agreement for your event. If the land is not owned by us, you should always obtain consent from the land owner and we will endeavor to put you in contact with them.

Event Licenses Toggle accordion

If your event has licensable activities you will need to apply for a license to permit these through the licensing authority. Please note this is separate from your land hire agreement. Please see full information on the licenses and application details here.

Licensable activities are defined as;

  • the retail sale of alcohol,
  • the supply of alcohol in clubs,
  • the provision of late night refreshment, and.
  • the provision of regulated entertainment.

For any enquiries please email the Licensing Authority direct at or on 01727 819264.

Road Banners Toggle accordion

St Albans Council has a selection of approved banner sites across the district. These are issued on a first come first served basis and are for event advertising only. Banners are not permitted to be placed on any council land without permission. 

To book a banner space please email:

Filming Toggle accordion

Film on council owned land requires a filming license. Please see more information here.

Event Waste Toggle accordion

If you are organising an event you will also need to consider your responsibility to manage the waste that will be generated at your event, particularly if you are having stalls with food and/or drink. It is the responsibility of the event to ensure the land is left in a clean condition.

Events often produce valuable recyclable materials in addition to general refuse; this includes glass bottles, drink cans, plastics, paper and cardboard. Our residents are used to recycling at home so expect to see this at events. By offering recycling at your event, your business is also presenting a positive environmental message to visitors and enhancing the image of your event.

We recommend that large events hire an external company to help manage their waste and recycling. You can request a quote from the Councils Contractor Veolia via or use any other commercial waste company of your choice.

The event organiser has a legal “Duty of Care” to ensure all waste - including recycling - is taken off site and is processed according to the law. Any waste contractor employed to collect and process the waste must have the correct licenses. The event organiser would be held legally responsible for any material that is processed or transported without the proper licenses and documentation in place.

Road Closures Toggle accordion

If your event is taking place on a public road or highway, you may need to consider a temporary road closure for the safety of the event attendees and staff.

You can apply to make a temporary change to your road (Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders TTRO) through Herts County Council here  This needs to be done at least eight weeks before your event.

If your event is a parade or procession, then you can apply for a Road Closure under the Town Police Clauses Act (TPCA) via St Albans City and District Council using the form below. This process will usually take six weeks. You may also be required to inform Herts County Council Highways about your road closure so please allow plenty of time to do so.

Please note that both of the above applications also require you to inform the local Police as they may be needed to provide personnel to support the road closure. It cannot be guaranteed that staff will be available for this, therefore please discuss your requirements with the relevant bodies as soon as possible.


Safety Advisory Group

For first time and larger scale events it is advised that organisers attend a St Albans Safety Advisory Group meeting to help ensure all the correct measures are in place and to support your application. We therefore ask for a minimum of two months' notice to ensure there is time for your application to be processed.  

Please note SAG is a different process to Land Hire Agreements and Event Licenses.

What is SAG? Toggle accordion

The St Albans District Events Safety Advisory Group (SAG) enables key agencies to work together to look at safety issues for any public events taking place in the District. The idea is not to discourage events in any way but to provide event organisers with support and guidance to ensure that any events are carried out safely and successfully.

Should any member of the SAG have any questions about an event, the organiser may be asked to come along to meet the group so that any issues can be discussed and the organiser can ask for advice from the members.

Who is on the SAG? Toggle accordion

The Safety Advisory Group consists of a number of agencies who work to maintain and enhance public safety.

  • Police (Herts Constabulary)
  • Fire & Rescue Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Hertfordshire County Council (Highways)
  • St Albans District Council 
  • St Albans Licensing Authority 
  • Harpenden Town Council Events Officer
  • Community Engagement Officer - SADC

The St Albans and District Event Safety Advisory Group is administered by the Community Services Team, District Council Offices, Civic Centre, St Peter's Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3JE. Contact SAG directly on 01727 819311 or via e-mail Alternatively, call the Council's customer contact centre on 01727 866100.

Does my event need to be submitted to SAG? Toggle accordion

All events within St Albans District are welcome to submit an event to St Albans SAG to be checked for safety issues free of charge. 

It is compulsory for events on St Albans Council owned land to submit to SAG.

What do I need to submit to SAG and how do I do it? Toggle accordion

We ask all event organisers to submit the following:

  • A completed event notification form
  • An event risk assessment including Covid considerations
  • An event management plan
  • A site plan
  • A copy of public liability insurance that will cover the event

Please email these documents to

Guidance documents are available below.

What happens once my application is submitted to SAG? Toggle accordion

Once the event notification information is submitted, we will:

  • Circulate to SAG members for assessment and possible action.
  • Members of SAG will provide advice and guidance on their specific areas of responsibility back to St Albans Council. 
  • If any actions or advice is received the events team will contact the event organiser to discuss.
  • If necessary, the event organiser will be invited to the next SAG meeting to discuss the event in more detail. 
  • If no responses are received, the event organiser will not be contacted and can assume all aspect of their event are considered safe.

If you are planning an event we advise that you submit your documentation as early as possible to ensure each SAG member has time to respond.

Further Event Guidance Toggle accordion