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Bereavement and financial support

The death of a family member or friend can be a traumatic and difficult experience.  

Support and advice is available from a number of organisations. - Bereavement support

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The government provides clear and useful advice on what to do when someone dies. The same information in a slightly different format is also available from citizens advice. Many funeral directors will also have detailed checklists to help you.

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  • Cruse offers support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies. 
  • At a provides a signposting service to local and UK organisations. 
  • Hertfordshire County Council website has a list of many services and groups in Hertfordshire that can offer support.

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Funeral Payment 

If you are arranging a funeral and you are on a low income you may be able to get help via a Funeral Payment. More information about this is available at and at the Money Advice Service. A Funeral Payment will usually be means tested and an immediate family member needs to be receiving a qualifying benefit. All or part of the payment may be re-payable if the deceased’s estate has enough assets.

Support for Child Funeral Costs (Children's Funeral Fund for England)

The Children's Funeral Fund for England can help to pay for some of the costs of a funeral for a child under 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy.

It is not means-tested - what you earn or how much you have in savings will not affect what you get. Visit GOV.UK to find out more.

Other useful links and advice

A Public Health Funeral can be arranged for someone who dies without anybody willing or able to make the arrangements. Conditions apply and costs may be recoverable from the deceased’s estate.