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Funerals, burials and cremations


GOV.UK provides clear and useful advice on how to arrange a funeral. Many funeral directors will also have detailed checklists to help you.  

Funeral directors

The majority of burials and cremations are arranged by a funeral director chosen by the deceased or their family and in line with the deceased’s faith or non-faith beliefs.  The funeral directors will be able to answer detailed questions about what happens and advise on what options you have for the funeral.  A list of local funeral directors is available on the Your Funeral Choice website. 

Independent funerals

Some people prefer to organise the burial or cremation themselves. If you may wish to arrange a funeral without the help of a funeral director you can find extra information on this factsheet.

Burials or interment of ashes

We appreciate that during this difficult time you will need to make important decisions about the cemetery and the type of grave you want for the funeral. Please ask the cemetery staff for advice on your choices.

Information about our three cemeteries

Arranging a burial or interment of ashes

A burial needs the purchase of an exclusive right of burial and an interment fee. Many customers also choose to mark the plot with a headstone or plaque.

A list of our fees and charges:

Apply for a burial or interment of ashes

Applications are normally made to us by funeral directors as they can help make the necessary arrangements. If you are making your own arrangements, please contact the Cemeteries Office for advice on 01727 819362.

We will require the appropriate documents before we can confirm a booking.

To apply you need to download and complete the Notice of Interment Form and send it to the Cemeteries Office

The original Notice of Interment must be received by the cemetery staff prior to the burial. 

Due to other burials and practical considerations it may not always be possible to have the day and time you wish.

Other information on burials

Muslim burials Toggle accordion

Information for Muslim Burials contains useful additional information to the Cemetery Information & Regulations.

Burials on private land Toggle accordion

This form of burial allows you to organise a very personal funeral, in which you maintain total control. The Private Land Burial Information Sheet provides advice on what you need to consider including who you need to get permission from. 


Cremations for residents of St Albans City and District take place at West Herts Crematorium in Garston, Watford. The telephone number is 01923 673285. Full details, including the costs of cremation and memorials, are on their website.