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Private sector housing

The council is working with landlords, agents and tenants to encourage responsible renting, to promote a positive image of private renting and to support good practice.

Energy Efficiency Advice and Funding

In partnership with Better Housing Better Health, St Albans Council have launched a central phone advice line available to all residents, regardless of income, to help with all aspects of energy efficiency and the energy crisis.

Through this service, all St Albans District Households can obtain the following: 

  • Information on grants and funds and checking your eligibility
  • Confirmation of the support that you are entitled to
  • Advice on switching suppliers
  • Detailed advice on how to save energy at home
  • Debt advice
  • Referral to other organisations or contractors who may be able to help you

To find out which you might be entitled to please contact the St Albans Home Energy Support Service - 0800 107 0044 (weekdays 9am-5pm), email or visit their website

    Empty Properties

    Empty properties are a wasted resource both for the community and the owner; they reduce the supply of housing and represent a loss of income for the owner. They are often an eyesore that can blight an area, can attract antisocial behaviour, cause concern to neighbours and the local community and affect the value of surrounding properties.

    The Private Sector Housing Team is responsible for addressing issues caused by long-term privately-owned empty properties in the district and bringing them back into use. 

    If you wish to report a property that may be empty, please contact the Private Sector Housing Team

    Refugee Crisis

    The Council currently provides support to refugees resettled into the district.

    If you would like to offer goods or services, then please contact the Refugee Council at to find out how you may be able to assist.

    For any other queries or concerns relating to how the Syrian and Afghan resettlement schemes are run in the St Albans district please contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

    Any persons wanting to consider fostering support for young refugees can find further information on the following Hertfordshire County Council Webpages.


    The Council’s Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy outlines our approach to securing compliance with the law in relation to Private Sector Housing. The policy sets out what owners, landlords, their agents and private sector tenants can expect from St Albans District Council. This policy is reviewed on a regular basis and revisions to legislation will be incorporated into the policy as and when the need arises. The Council's Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy can be found on the following link: PSH Enforcement Policy

    If the Council has to take formal enforcement action there may be financial charges associated with such action. Details of these charges can be found on the following link: Fees and Charges

    Property Inspections for Immigration Clearance

    We offer property inspections to support immigration applications within St Albans. There is a charge for this service, which needs to be paid before an inspection is undertaken. The current fee for this service is £194.

    The inspection

    We inspect properties on request to ensure they are suitable, safe and will not become overcrowded with additional residents. 
    You will need to show us around the property outlining who lives in the house and which rooms each person sleeps in.

    We also need to know the name, age, sex and family relationship of all the intended occupants.  We will check this information against the electoral roll and our council tax records.

    We will also need information about your right to occupy the property.

    • If you are a tenant we will need a copy of your tenancy agreement and your current gas safety certificate if the property has gas
    • If you are an owner we will verify this with the land registry
    • If you are living with your parents or a sibling we will need a letter from the owner giving permission for you and the person you are sponsoring to live at the property.

    We may ask further questions and require additional documentation if we are unclear about anything we have seen or been told.

    What happens next

    Following our investigations a letter will be sent to the inspected address usually within 28 days of our visit stating the following:

    • Your name and the names of those seeking entry into the UK
    • The date of birth of those intending to occupy the property
    • The address of the inspected property
    • The type of property and how it is occupied and by whom
    • Whether the property contained any hazards at the time of our inspection
    • Whether the property would be overcrowded by the addition of someone seeking entry to the UK
    • Our contact details for further information

    The fee must be paid in advance and can be paid by card or cheque. Card payments can be made by calling 01727 819 221.

    When you pay your fee you should quote the address of the property to be inspected and code 2041 803 276.

    After you have paid the fee you should contact the Private Sector Housing Team to arrange an inspection appointment.

    For any other queries regarding Immigration Entry Clearance Property inspections please contact the Private Sector Housing Team.

    For more information

    Please contact the Private Sector Housing Team