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Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

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Types of Permit

  • Resident Permit
  • Nanny / Child Care Permits
  • Residents Disabled Badge Holder Resident Permit (1 per household within normal allocation)

What will you need before you apply:

Proof of address and vehicle ownership

When applying online we can verify your address with our Council Tax records. If we are unable to verify your address details automatically, you will need to send proof. However, you will need to provide proof of vehicle ownership at the point of your application, Please read the full terms and conditions (below) for the full list and for more information.

By applying for a permit, you agree to the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions below.

To apply for a permit you will need to create a Customer Account for a Resident , if you have not already done so. This is only required the first time you apply. Any additional permit applications can be made from your account going forward, including renewals. If you need assistance on creating an account, please follow our video guide.

Apply for a Parking Permit

Permit Prices, Eligibility  and FAQs

Account Creation Video Guide

Permit Application Video Guide

Please note you will not receive a paper permit, permits are Virtual (electronic) similar to your Vehicle Tax and are accessible through your permit account.  

Resident Permit Terms and Conditions Toggle accordion

Terms and conditions - Virtual Resident Parking Permits

Qualification – To qualify for a resident permit you must:

  • Live within a St Albans and District Council Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the St Albans District.
  • You are the registered keeper or sole user for a vehicle.
  • Your address is your 'main residence' you would normally spend approximately four nights a week there and pay the relevant Council Tax.
  • Your property is not restricted for parking permits by the Section 106 order.

Any properties situated on or outside the boundary of a zone, will not be eligible for a resident permit unless otherwise stated in the relevant Traffic Regulation Order

Please note:

  • Permits can only be issued to a vehicle up to 5.25m in length and 2.28m in height and a maximum of 8 seats. If a permit is issued and the vehicle is found to exceed these specifications, the permit will be withdrawn.
  • Purchasing this permit does not guarantee you parking outside of your home.

Application Criteria – Proof of Vehicle Ownership

You must provide proof that you are the keeper and user of the vehicle. You will be able to scan your proofs (or take a photo of them) as part of this application and upload them to your online account. The following documents will be acceptable:

  • Vehicle registration document (V5) – The V5 document showing you as the registered keeper of the vehicle and the vehicle is registered to the CPZ address.
  • Hiring/leasing agreement - If you hire or lease a vehicle, you must submit a copy of the current agreement. The agreement must show your name, CPZ address, the vehicle's registration number and give the name and address of the hire/leasing company.
  • Company letter - If you drive a company vehicle, you must submit a typed letter on company headed paper signed by your employer and dated within the last 3 months. The letter must include your name and address, your job title and the vehicle's make and registration number. It should also confirm that you are the sole user of the vehicle and whether the company owns or leases the car. 
  • If the company owns the vehicle a copy of the vehicle registration document must be provided.
  • If the car is leased, a copy of the lease agreement is required. If your company uses a fleet management specialist, a letter from them will be accepted; however, it must include the information requested above and confirm the name of the company you work for.

Application Criteria – Proof of address

When applying online we can verify your address with our Council Tax records. If we have been unable to verify your details automatically, you will need to send proof of address. The following documents will be acceptable, and you will need to show two items from the list below.  These need to be for the address you are applying for a permit at:

  • Driving licence (registered to current address)
  • Current St Albans council tax document
  • Utility bill - dated within the last 3 months (mobile phone bills will not be accepted)
  • Signed current formal tenancy agreement.
  • Bank/Credit Card Statement (dated within the last three months)
  • Valid home contents insurance policy
  • An electoral canvas form or polling card - dated in the last year.

As part of our policy to prevent fraud and misuse of permits, we can ask for proof documents at any time. This includes after we've issued the permit. If you don't give us the necessary information within 14 days, we can cancel the permit.

Permits are not valid until your eligibility has been approved.

Temporary Permit – If you are a new resident applying for a parking permit, we appreciate that you may be unable to provide the required level of proof for a standard resident permit. If you are unable to provide satisfactory evidence of your vehicle ownership and address, we can issue a discretionary temporary one-month permit. To obtain a one-month permit you must supply the following document:

  • Current car insurance document (certificate and schedule) - This must show your name, the vehicle's registration number and must confirm that the vehicle is insured to be kept at your CPZ address. Please provide all pages of the document as the required information may not be shown on one page. Temporary cover notes or certificates valid for less than 30 days will not be accepted.

Temporary permits are non-refundable.

Resident Virtual Permit Conditions of Use

  • Virtual permits can only be used by the vehicle that is registered on your online account.
  • Virtual permits should only be used in the controlled parking zone it has been allocated for.
  • Virtual permits will allow holders to park in resident bays and shared use bays during the hours parking restrictions are in force.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the vehicle is parked in the correct zone. Parking zones are displayed on the restriction signs within the parking bays.
  • The vehicle must be parked within the allocated parking bay markings.
  • The permit is only valid for the vehicle registered on the account. You can include two registration numbers but, only one vehicle may be used at any one time.
  • It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure the virtual permit is assigned to the correct vehicle.
  • Permits are valid for a 12-month period and will need to be renewed by the permit holder each year by logging into their online permit account. Whilst every effort will be made to send reminder emails to the account holder prior to expiry date, it is the permit holder’s responsibility to renew.
  • Residents permit prices are reviewed annually and any changes made through a Notice of Variation on the Councils Website and in the Press. 
  • The Council reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, application procedures and the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders at any time.
  • Permits are the property of the Council and can be cancelled at any time. Reasons why the Council may cancel a permit:
  • the Permit Holder has ceased to be eligible under these terms and conditions or the relevant Traffic Regulation Order, to hold a Resident Parking Permit.
  • the vehicle in respect of which a Resident Parking Permit was issued has been adapted or used in such a manner that it is no longer a vehicle for which a Resident Parking Permit can be issued under these terms and conditions.
  • any other reason the Council deems is misuse or detrimental to the Permit Parking scheme.
  • By applying for or purchasing any type of permit, the applicant:
  • certifies that all the information that the applicant has given in the application process is correct.
  • accepts the Council’s terms and conditions as varied from time to time together with any terms and conditions stated on the letter to which the permit is attached at the time of issue.
  • agrees to be bound by and comply with the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders which may be varied from time to time, 
  • Permits are not transferable.
  • Permit holders are required to move their vehicle if requested to do so by a Civil Enforcement Officer or by the Police.
  • Not complying with the terms and conditions may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Change of vehicle - When you change your vehicle you should immediately change the registration on your account. Your existing permit is only valid on the vehicle which matches the registration number registered on your online account.

Parking Suspensions - From time to time it may be necessary to suspend a parking bay, this is normally due to road works being carried out by the utility companies, such as gas or electricity. During the period for which the bay is suspended, parking is not permitted in the bay. Even if a valid permit exists, a PCN will still be issued.

It is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure that the bay in which their vehicle is parked is not suspended during the time their vehicle is there.

Disabled Blue Badge Holders – If you hold a Disabled Blue Badge, you may be eligible for a resident permit to display whilst your vehicle is parked outside your home. The permit is only valid in the road/street your property is located.

To qualify for a permit, you must provide:

  • A copy of your disabled badge
  • Vehicle registration document (V5)
  • Council Tax

Refunds - If you no longer require your virtual permit you may apply for a refund. Please visit your online account and select the option cancel permit. An administration fee of £13.20 will be deducted per virtual permit cancelled.

Refunds are calculated on how many full calendar months remain on your virtual permit. No refunds will be given where the amount owing is the same as or less than the administration fee.

Privacy Notice Toggle accordion

Privacy Notice for parking permits and penalty charge notices (PCN)

This privacy notice explains how St Albans City & District Council (the Data Controller) will use any personal information we collect about you when you use our services, when you are paying a penalty charge notice or applying for a parking permit.

What information do we collect about you?

The information that the Council will collect varies depending on how you use the Council’s Services. We are using the information provided in this case because we have a legal obligation (Art. 6(1)(c) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR)).  This means we collect your personal information from you so that we can carry out a function we are required by law to carry out.  In this case we are collecting personal information so that we can process your penalty charge notice or your application for a parking permit.

If you’re providing us with special category personal information (such as details about your health) we will be processing this under Art. 9(2) of the UK GDPR. 

How will we use the information about you?

We use the information to process your application for a parking permit or deal with your penalty charge notice.  We will share your data with the Council Tax Department where you have agreed to this so that we can process your parking permit.

We will not share the personal information we hold with any external organisations except for partner organisations.  By partner organisations we mean contractors and the Court Service where sharing your data is necessary to deal with your matter.  We may be required to share your personal information with the Police, Internal Audit or similar agency, or another Council for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.

We will ensure that all personal information is kept securely.

How long will we keep this information?

We will destroy this personal information 7 years from the date we close the penalty charge notice case or from the date we close the case on your parking permit.  This means we will securely destroy the information once we no longer need it. 

Individuals’ Rights

You have a right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you.  If you would like a copy of some or all of your information, please contact and ask for a subject access request.

If you consider we hold inaccurate personal information about you, you can contact us to ask for this information to be corrected.  We will consider your request and respond within one month.  Please contact

You can find out more about your rights on our website:


Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information.  This information is used to make your use of the internet better.  For further information on how we use these and how you can control it, please visit:

Changes to our Data Protection Policy

We have a Data Protection Policy in place and this can be found here:

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer for the purposes of Articles 37 to 39 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation is Charles Turner, Solicitor to the Council.  He can be contacted by emailing or calling 01727 819209 for our Complaints Team.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Data Protection Policy, or concerns about how we handle your information: by emailing or write to us at: FOI Team, St Albans City & District Council, St Peter’s Street, St Albans, AL1 3JE. 


You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner if you are unhappy with how we process your personal information.  You can do so through their website: or by emailing: or calling their helpline on 0303 123 1113.

GDPR Privacy Notice Statutory Functions – Parking permits & PCNs using APPY WAY  7.12.22