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Local emergencies

This page is about the Council’s approach to dealing with civil emergencies and emergency planning. It also has advice on flooding, and information on emergency contacts.

Homelessness Toggle accordion

The Council may be able to help you if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. If you are worried that you may be evicted, or if you're currently homeless, then contact the Housing Options Team as soon as possible – you can find details here.

In an emergency situation, please call the out of hours service on 01727 866100.

There are also 4 partners working in the district for helping people who may be, or in danger of sleeping rough. Details of these agencies can be found here.

Dangerous Structures, Dangerous/Fallen Trees and Sinkholes Toggle accordion

If a structure such a building, scaffolding, or hoarding is in a dangerous state, or a sinkhole has appeared and is posing a serious danger to the public or surrounding properties then you can report the incident using our out of hours service. 

Please ring 01727 866100

Please do not take any options, just hold to speak to our out of hours service.
(This service is available out of hours) 

Council Tenant’s Emergency information Toggle accordion

Housing Repairs: 

If you have a need for an emergency repair concerning your property, please ring 01727 866100 and take option 2 for Housing Repairs.  (This service is also available out of hours)

Once you have selected option 2 for Housing Repairs - If the problem is with your Gas, Central Heating or Hot Water supply please then take Option 1 to be connected to Watret, our Gas, Central Heating and Hot Water repairs contractor.  For all other emergency repairs hold to be connected to Morgan Sindall, our housing repairs contractor. 

For Serious Noise complaints: 

Please ring 01727 866100 (please note this service operates on Friday and Saturday nights between 6pm and 3am only)

Please do not take any options, just hold to speak to an advisor (For serious offences - this service is available out of hours)

Gypsy Incursions Toggle accordion

In the event of an unauthorised traveler incursion on private or public property, please ring 01727 866100

Please do not take any options, just hold to speak to an advisor. 
(This service is available out of hours)

For more information on unauthorized encampments please click here.

Pests & Animal Welfare Toggle accordion

For information relating to services for pests and animal welfare please select the link for details on all the services the council provides.

Flooding Toggle accordion

If you are at risk of being flooded, you might want to consider keeping some empty sandbags and sand or earth ready for use at the first sign of trouble.  These are available from builders’ merchants.

The Parish and District Councils make a limited number of aquabags (used like sandbags) available for areas where there is most risk of flooding. 

If your household is covered by a Parish Council, very limited assistance via the use of aqua bags will be considered for the most vulnerable households who are unable to protect their property from the effects of flooding.  

To find out if there is a Parish Council for your area please use Local Information search. The Parish information is displayed on the right-hand side of the page, click on the Parish council name to access the contact details for the Parish Council Office.

If you are in imminent risk of flooding and need emergency support out of hours, please ring 01727 866100. Please do not take any options, just hold to speak to our out of hours service for further advice. 

Note: If there is a danger to life, please contact the emergences services on 999.

Useful information on flood services.

Find the flood risk for where you are:

Get flood warning

Emergency contacts Toggle accordion

WhoNumbersWhen to call
Emergency services999In an emergency.
Police non-emergency101To report non-emergency incidents.
Council switchboard – during office hours01727 866100For District Council related matters.
Council - out of hours service01727 866100  For District Council related matters in an emergency outside regular opening times.
Anti-Terrorist Hotline0800 789 321It's probably nothing, but if you see or hear something out of place call the anti-terrorist hotline.


Other useful contacts Toggle accordion

WhoNumbersWhen to call
Power Cuts0800 31 63 105In the event of a power cut. Website includes live power cuts map and advice during a power outage.
Report a water leak0800 376 5325To inform Affinity Water of leaks in your local area.
Sewerage Emergency0800 316 9800If you have a problem such as no water or a sewer flooding.
Gas EmergencyService (24 hour) 0800 111 999To report a gas or carbon monoxide emergency or if a pipeline has been struck.
Register as Someone in Priority Need The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service provided by suppliers and network operators to customers in need.
Weather Forecast  
Environment Agency0800 80 70 60 (incident communication service) 
NHS111 (non-emergency number)Advice over the telephone.
Floodline0345 988 1188 
Highways Flood Reporting0300 123 4047Hertfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue teams work to clear flooded roads and attend calls.
Air Quality Helpline0800 556677Automated service for information about air pollution.

The Council's role in an emergency? Toggle accordion

The Council has responsibilities in emergencies for the safety of structures, providing emergency shelter, and environmental health matters.

We have an emergency plan that is flexible enough to deal with a variety of emergencies.  

Across Hertfordshire there are a range of event specific plans covering issues such as pandemic flu; aircraft accidents; mass fatalities; media and communication; and flooding.
We have a lead officer for Emergency Planning, and a volunteer team. Our volunteers are members of our staff who have volunteered to help in an incident, for example by staffing a rest centre, helping in the control centre, or supporting key officers at scene. All volunteers are provided with appropriate equipment for their role and take part in training programmes.

Hertfordshire Local Resilience Forum Toggle accordion

St Albans City and District Council’s actively contributes to the county-wide multi-agency Local Resilience Forum known as Hertfordshire Resilience

Hertfordshire Resilience is comprised of emergency services, local authorities, government agencies and the voluntary sector.  Together these agencies assess risks, plan emergency responses, and train and exercise together so they can be ready if there is an emergency situation.

Terrorism Toggle accordion

Run, Hide, Tell video - what to do in the event of a firearms and weapons attack.