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Bricket Wood Inquiry

Appeal by JK Rudkin Builders Ltd of application 5/2022/2443 at Land at Bricket Wood Sports And Country Club, Paintball Site & Bricket Lodge, Lye Lane, Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, AL2 3TF

The Public Inquiry took place in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, St Peters Street, St Albans between Tuesday 11 and Thursday 13 and Tuesday 18-Wednesday 19 June. .

The Inquiry was also live streamed / webcast; please visit

The appeal decision will be published on this page when received.

Bricket Wood Inquiry Timetable

Original Application Documents – Reports and Plans
CD 1.1    Application Form
CD 1.2    Site Location Plan - superseded
CD 1.3    Existing Site Plan - superseded
CD 1.4    Indicative Proposed Site Layout Rev. C
CD 1.5    Ecology Appraisal
CD 1.6    Emergence and Bat Activity Survey
CD 1.7    Full Common Reptile Survey
CD 1.8    Flood Risk Assessment
CD 1.9    Sustainable Drainage Assessment
CD 1.10    Thames Water Confirmation of Capacity
CD 1.11    Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
CD 1.12    Noise Assessment
CD 1.13    Utilities Assessment
CD 1.14    Transport Assessment
CD 1.15    Travel Plan
CD 1.16    Highways Response
CD 1.17    Road Safety Response
CD 1.18 Proposed Site Access Junction
CD 1.19    Proposed Site Access/Lye Lane
CD 1.20    Proposed New Footpath on Lye Lane
CD 1.21    Swept Path Analysis
CD 1.22    Design and Access Statement
CD 1.23    Planning Statement
CD 1.24    Affordable Housing Needs Statement
CD 1.25    Local Requirements Checklist
CD 1.26    Site Photos
CD 1.27    Draft S106 Heads of Terms
Additional Application Documents – Reports and Plans
CD 1.28    Site Location Plan Rev. A
CD 1.29    Existing Site Plan Rev. A
CD 1.30    Final Full Reptile Survey
CD 1.31    Topographical Survey
CD 1.32    Proposed Active Travel Plan Improvements
CD 1.33    Proposed Lye Lane Cross Sections
CD 1.34    Swept Path Analysis Large Refuse Vehicle TK01
CD 1.35    Swept Path Analysis Large Refuse Vehicle TK02
CD 1.36    Swept Path Analysis Large 7.5t Box Van TK01
CD 1.37    Swept Path Analysis Large 7.5t Box Van TK01
CD 1.38    Supplementary Planning Statement
CD 1.38.1 Appendix 1 – Appeal Decision
CD 1.39    SSSI Statement 
CD 1.39.1 Appendix 1 – Natural England letter
CD 1.39.2 Appendix 2 – Bricket Wood Common citation
CD 1.39.3 Appendix 3 – Moor Mill citation
CD 1.40    Response to HCC
CD 1.40.1 Transport Assessment Update
CD 1.40.2 SUDS Compliant Footpath Construction
CD 1.40.3 Solar Lighting Brochure
CD 1.40.4 HCC Owned Land
CD 1.41    Highways Technical Note