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Our people

our people

Meet our people

Meet our Directorates

There are many different roles and opportunities in our different Directorates and their service areas. Our services work together as one team to strengthen our customer focus. 

Find out more about each department.

Customer, Business and Corporate Support Toggle accordion

What does Customer, Business and Corporate Support do?

Our remit covers a wide range of roles that deliver for our customers and support the needs of the business, ranging from Finance to Customer Services to Democratic Services. Much of the work we do enables the rest of the organisation to work smoothly - providing the right ICT kit, the right people, training and development, as well as advice and support to make improvements. We handle all initial customer contact, transactions, complaints and compliments as well as helping our Councillors to deliver their role effectively.

Why work in Customer, Business and Corporate Support?

“Working in the department has given me a great start to working in local government. I’ve gained a wide range of experience, the chance to get to know about different departments and of course, I’ve got to work with fantastic people.”

“I love the contact with customers – sometimes challenging, always varied – there’s never a dull moment.” 

Strategy, Policy and Transformation Toggle accordion

What does Strategy, Policy and Transformation do?

In our Directorate we translate the vision and aspirations of the Council into strategies and policies which we can deliver. We are responsible for long term strategic planning such as the Local Plan, Economic Development and Capital Projects, as well as ensuring effective Communication, Community Protection and Engagement. We focus on delivery of corporate priorities and ensure the Council can adapt and be fit for the future. It is an exciting time for the Directorate as we work to shape a sustainable future for the District and our organisation.

Why work in Strategy, Policy and Transformation?

“What excites me is the opportunity to put central government policy into practice on the ground – as well as representing our local needs to influence national policy.”

“Working with businesses is an opportunity to be part of the bigger picture for the area"

Community and Place Delivery Toggle accordion

What does Community and Place Delivery do?

Our purpose is to deliver excellent services to our residents. Many of our teams work directly with our residents to deliver the services that impact their daily lives such as Housing, Waste, Parks and Green Spaces, Parking, Planning and Museums. The work we do is very rewarding as you can see the tangible impact of your work in the District and get involved in working directly on community projects. Your role could involve delivering our vibrant markets and events, supporting our Council tenants or ensuring our parks and green spaces are well maintained.

Why work in Community and Place Delivery? 

“It’s varied work and with services used by every resident in the district – as well as the many visitors.”

“You can really see the difference you make to people’s lives – from giving them a roof over their heads, to helping transform a poor-quality house into a comfortable home.”