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Traffic Regulation Orders and parking consultations

Parking restrictions such as double or single yellow lines and resident parking schemes help us to address local parking problems. 

We have to introduce these through a defined legal process called a Traffic Regulation Order. This includes consulting the public and arranging for the physical work to put restrictions in place. 

It’s a lengthy process and we have to find funding to cover the costs involved.

Here is information to help you request a new restriction or a review of an existing one, check which schemes are already in place and which we are working on.

Request a new parking restriction or review of an existing parking restriction Toggle accordion

Request a new parking restriction or review of an existing parking restriction

We receive regular requests from residents to review or introduce parking controls. We have introduced a ranking system so that we can prioritise these. Which schemes to introduce and their order is decided by the Car Parking Advisory Panel - a cross political party advisory forum. More information about the panel.

For further information on the process for introducing parking controls and the impact for those living in a controlled area, please see the PDF documents below.

To request a new parking control or to ask for a review of an existing control, please contact us with details of the location and issue.

Contact us

Current parking consultations Toggle accordion

Scheme Name, Road or Area

Current Consultation Closing Date

Scheme Description

Information and Details of Status of Scheme

Current Documents

Breadcroft Lane

19th November 2020

Residents Parking Review

Formal intent to make a Traffic Regulation Order or Orders to implement changes including Disabled Parking Bays

Breadcroft Lane TRO documents 2020.pdf

Breadcroft Lane Print Map.pdf

Breadcroft Lane Formal.doc

Boundary Road


Shared Use Amendment

TRO Making process delayed due to Covid-19 limitations. Making process scheduled early September. 

No current documents

Ladder Roads and Marshalswick South  Areas, St Albans


Controlled Parking Scheme

Consultation responses being reviewed. Considering how scheme or schemes should progress or the way forward. 

No Documents at this time

Thirlestane, St Albans


Residents Parking Scheme

Original proposals under review. New proposals due early 2021

No current documents

Carlisle Ave


Residents Parking

TRO making process underway, to be completed August 2020. Full consultation Now Closed. 

Carlisle Avenue Amendment TRO 2020

Various Yellow Lines and Disabled Bays (District)

26th November 2020

Waiting Restrictions

Various Loading and waiting restrictions and Disabled Parking Places in St Albans and Park Street. Formal intention to make Traffic Regulation Orders. Representations and objections by 26th November 2020

TRO Documents Yellow Line and Disabled Bay Order 2020 v2.pdf

Maps 1 Yellow lines.pdf

Maps 2 Disabled bay.pdf

Maps 3 - Disabled Bays and Yellow Lines.pdf

TRO-2020/4  Zone A, St Albans



Review of Zone

Consultation responses being reviewed. Update expected late 2020

No current documents 

Edmund Beaufort Drive (link TBC)


Residents Parking Scheme

Consultation on residents parking scheme to be extended from 'zone R' to be undertaken Late 2020

No current documents

Parking work programme Toggle accordion

Parking work programme

For details of our current work programme of parking schemes and projects see the PDF documents below.

Work Programme - Pending Schemes awaiting adding to Work programme updated AUG 20.pdf

Current Work Programme 2020 -21 updated Sep 20pdf.pdf


Traffic Regulation Orders in place

Below are the traffic restrictions in place in the district. Please always check street signs and information to make sure you are parking correctly.

Off Street Traffic Order (Car Parks and other private areas owned or managed by St Albans & District Council) Toggle accordion

Off Street Traffic Order (Car Parks and other private areas owned or managed by St Albans & District Council)

St Albans City & District Consolidation Order 2013 Toggle accordion

Current St Albans City & District Consolidation Order 2013, Please note the Consolidation Order has Map Schedules, due to the number of maps and the size, it is not possible to include these on our website. If you are looking for a location please contact us using the link below.

Contact us

Additional Traffic Regulation Orders made after or not included in 'The St Albans Consolidation Order 2013' are listed below.

Traffic Regulation Orders 2019