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Traffic Regulation Orders, Parking Places Orders and parking consultations

Current Parking Consultations and Public Notices 2022/23

1. Marshalswick South Zone MS Parking Scheme  Toggle accordion

Notice of variation of permit Prices June 2022

PDF Documents

Consultation Closed, a decision to implement scheme has been made.

The below documents provide information on the scheme decision and a summary of the representations and objections received. If you made a representation or objection but have not yet had a response, this may be because it takes some time to provide the response. The Council has 14 days from the date that a Traffic Order is made to respond. We would ensure that this requirement is met.

PDF Documents

Closed - Scheme operates from 6th June 2022

2. Reference Yel1-2022 Toggle accordion

Proposal to make an Order to introduce various stopping and waiting restrictions across the District. Please refer to public notice and Draft Order documents below for full details.

PDF Documents 

  1. Public Notice 2022
  2. Statement of Reasons
  3. Draft Order Yel1-2022
  4. Map Schedules (locations)

Closing Date: Closed on 11th February 2022, Considering responses.

Request a new parking restriction or review of an existing parking restriction

Parking restrictions such as double or single yellow lines and resident parking schemes help us to address local parking problems. However, to introduce such restrictions we must follow a defined legal process which results in the making of a local byelaw called a Traffic Regulation Order or Parking Places Order.  The process is outlined in more detail in the documents listed under the restrictions procedure available in PDF below. 

The Council receives many requests for new parking restrictions or changes to existing ones. below is the relevant documents which provides details of our procedures and how such restrictions may affect you.

  • Restrictions Procedure 2022 (updated, March 2022)
  • Living with Controlled Parking (we apologise, this document is currently being updated)

If you have a request or require more information please contact us via the below link.

Contact Parking Development

Traffic Regulation Orders in place

Below are the traffic restrictions in place in the district. Please always check street signs and information to make sure you are parking correctly.

Off Street (Car Parks & Garage forecourt) Traffic Order/s Toggle accordion

Off Street Parking Places Order 2022

PDF Documents

St Albans City & District Consolidation Order 2013 Toggle accordion


Current St Albans City & District Consolidation Order 2013, Please note the Consolidation Order is produced with map schedules. Some new orders may or do supersede various locations shown on the map schedules. All maps should be used for information only, motorists must check road signs and markings on street for the relevant restrictions in place. Newer orders which may or do supersede this order are listed on this page separately. 

Main Consolidation Order 2013 (PDF's)

Map Schedules 2013 (PDF's)

Additional Traffic Regulation Orders

The following Orders were made after or not included in the Council 2013 Consolidation Order. Where required, the following orders will amend the Consolidation Order 2013 in so far as the new orders may affect it.

Traffic Regulation Orders 2022 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2021 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2021

Traffic Regulation Orders 2020 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2020

Traffic Regulation Orders 2019 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2019

Traffic Regulation Orders 2018 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2017 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2016 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2015 Toggle accordion

Traffic Regulation Orders 2014 Toggle accordion