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Dangerous structures, buildings and walls

Dangerous structures can be buildings, walls, fences, or any other structure that because of its condition presents a danger to the public. We respond to reports of dangerous structures within the district during business hours on the same day where possible or the next working day depending on the time of reporting.

Who to contact

You can contact us by calling 01727 819289 during office hours or email

To report a dangerous structure on weekends and between 5pm and 9am, call 01727 866100.

If the building or structure poses a potential danger to the safety of people, we take appropriate action to remove the danger. We have legal powers to require the owners of dangerous buildings or structures to remedy the defects, or we may instruct our contractors to carry out works to make the building or structure safe and then charge the owner. In addition, we provide advice to the Fire and Rescue Service on the structural condition of buildings during fire fighting, or to the Police in the case of vehicle damage.

What should I do if my property is a dangerous structure?

If you are concerned that part of your property may be dangerous, then you should deal with it yourself through properly qualified professionals such as structural engineers, architects and builders.

Building Control will not deal with arguments between neighbours or civil disputes between tenants and landlords. Therefore, structures that are at risk of collapsing and have the potential to harm members of the public, are the only ones that should be reported to Building Control.

What should I do if I notice a dangerous structure?

If you are aware of something that has been in a poor state of repair, for example, a bowed wall, and it has been that way for some time, it is unlikely to constitute and immediate danger and should be reported direct to the owner as a civil matter.

If an owner is made aware that a certain part or all of a structure they own is in a poor state and will eventually become dangerous, they should take action before it deteriorates and Building Control have to become involved.

What if the dangerous structure is a Listed Building/Structure?

If a building is Listed there are legal restrictions on how to remedy dangerous structures. If a building or structure is considered dangerous, any works to remedy its condition must:

  • be urgently necessary in the interests of safety or health or for the preservation of the building, and
  • be, where possible, temporary support or shelter - such as propping, and
  • be limited to the minimum measures immediately necessary

You should notify the Council of any urgent works to Listed Buildings in writing and as soon as possible.

It is a criminal offence to do unauthorised works, including demolition, to listed buildings without listed building consent.