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View and track planning applications

You can use the online planning search to:

  • Check the progress of current planning and tree works applications and appeals.

  • Comment on applications awaiting decision. Please note your comments, including your name (if supplied) and address, will be published on our website. Before you comment, please see How to Comment on an Application.

  • View documents, plans and decision notices associated with applications since January 2003.

  • View the decision notices and planning history of a property since 1976.

Please note that this service may be unavailable on weekdays after 22.00 hours and between 23.00 on Saturday and 16.00 on Sunday due to system back-up procedures.

Find an Application

If you have used this service today, we would appreciate your feedback by completing a short survey via the link below. This will only take two or three minutes to complete.

Feedback on View and Track Planning Applications

View weekly lists of Applications, decisions and appeals

You can also view planning applications and constraints on our District Map Service.

Commenting on an application

You can submit your comments online under the application details, or by email to Please supply your address, including postcode, so that we may log your comments and reconsult you on any material amendments made during the application process.  Please note that your comments will be published on our website.  We will redact signatures and personal email addresses and telephone numbers only.

Further guidance on issues we can and cannot consider can be found at How to Comment on an Application.

Searching, viewing plans and using the measuring tools

If you know the planning reference number, this is the easiest way to get to the application you wish to view.  When entering a postcode, please add the space ie AL1 3JE. For some more complicated addresses you will need to use the Advanced Search and a wild card.

To view the application details, click on the blue text, which is a hyperlink to the application.

Use the Documents tab to view plans and other documents.  

For comparing plans, you can right click to open plans in a new tab/window.  The measuring tools can on the left-hand side can also be used.  Remember to set the correct scale indicated on the plans first. 

For more detailed guidance, see the guidance notes below.