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Inspections and completions

To ensure that your building works comply with Building Regulations and other relevant associated legislation, we will carry out inspections of building work as it progresses.

It is evidence that, as far as it is reasonable to determine, the building work has been carried out in accordance with Building Regulations and therefore is safe and legally safe. If the job is being done under a Building Notice we may need further details and/or drawings. 

Inspections are usually carried out at the following stages:

  • Commencement: at least two days' notice before the work is commenced.
  • Foundations excavated: when the foundations have been dug and before they are concreted
  • Damp proof course or tanking
  • Oversite
  • Drains laid (before and after backfill to check layout, construction and watertight)
  • Floor joists
  • Steelwork
  • Roof carcass
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Completion: not more than five days' notice after the work is completed

The stages for specific projects are set out in our service plan (see below). Please note that, unless otherwise agreed, schemes exceeding one year duration may be subject to an additional charge.

We carry out inspections on the same day if the site inspection request is received before 9 am.

If we are not informed of relevant stages of work for inspection, it may require the work to be opened up for inspection so that it can be ascertained whether, or not, the work complies with the Building Regulations.



To cancel an inspection that has already been booked please email your request to


Inspections can be arranged via Watford Borough Council by using our online booking form 

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Completion certificates

Towards the end of the building works we may ask for copies of compliance certificates (from registered or competent persons). For works such as:

You are advised to request the completion inspection (or your compliance certificate) before your builder or contractor leaves the job. Any problems can then be quickly and efficiently corrected.

Completion certificates are issued by the Councils Building Control Officer upon satisfactory completion of works (including receipt of any necessary compliance certificates). Please note - we issue completion certificates via email only.

If a completion inspection is requested between one and ten years after the last recorded inspection, there will be a charge of £132. We will not carry out a completion inspection after 10 years from the last recorded inspection.

The completion certificate is not a guarantee. It is proof that the building work has been carried out in accordance with Building Regulations and therefore is safe and legally safe. 

The homeowner or solicitor can search our archives for a copy of a completion certificate or we can search our records for a charge. The documents provided by a designer do however remain subject to copyright laws.