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Current local plan

The current adopted Local Plan is The District Local Plan Review 1994. This is being replaced by a new Local Plan.

Local Plans “expired” after 27th September 2007 unless “saved”, in whole or in part.

In 2007, a Direction was made saving specified policies of the District Local Plan Review 1994, ie they are still part of the development plan for St Albans.

The policies listed in the List of Saved Policies are therefore the remaining operational policies within the District Local Plan Review 1994. Any policies not on the list have expired and are no longer part of the development plan. 

The Development Plan

Planning applications have to be decided in line with the Development Plan, unless there is a very good reason not to do so.

The Development Plan for St Albans District is made up of the following documents:

District Local Plan Review 1994

Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan   

Waste Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD - Adopted 2012

Waste Site Allocations DPD - Adopted July 2014 

The Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan 2007

Current Local Plan Saved Policies