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Do I need planning permission?

How to find out if you need planning and building regulations consent for many common building works.

Householders - planning works to your home?

Find out if you need planning permission

We offer a free online service to check whether your works will need planning permission. You simply need to enter your address and answer some questions about what works you want to do. Some building projects may not need planning permission from the Council because they've been granted permission through 'permitted development rights'.

You can use this free service to check if:

  • changes you want to make to a property in the future may require planning permission
  • your property has any planning restrictions (for example, if it's a listed building or in a conservation area)

The assessment is based only on the answers you give and is for guidance only. It is not an official planning decision that you can rely on in future.

To be certain that changes do not require planning permission, you should apply for a Lawful Development Certificate on the Planning Portal. This will require you to submit drawings of your proposals and pay a fee.

You can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate if you want to:

  • confirm that your planned works do not require planning permission (for example, permitted development)
  • check if the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes
  • check if completed works are immune from planning enforcement action
  • Apply online

What's not included in the online service

Some projects are not included in this service yet, such as:

  • large scale projects
  • applications relating to a planning condition
  • applications on properties without a postcode or address
  • dropped kerbs
  • applications affecting multiple properties
  • some mixed-use projects (such as a conversion from 1 purpose into several new purposes)

The service does not automatically include information about a property's planning history, such as restricted planning conditions.

To use the free online service click on the link below:

Find out if you need planning permission

This service does not capture any of your personal data.

The Council has also published some specific Advice on Outbuildings and Planning Guidance on Solar PV Installations

Still not sure if you need planning permission?

Apply for pre-application advice

We offer a pre-application advice service which you can use to get formal advice from us before you submit a planning application.

Do I need consent?

For non-householder projects, there are a number of options available to you, including:

Apply to us

For a fee, you can ask us if your building works require planning permission. We cannot tell you over the phone. The way to ask is through an application for a Certificate of Lawfulness. This process takes around 8 weeks.

For a fee, we can also check if a specific proposal falls under permitted development rights or whether permitted development rights have been withdrawn on the property. Please see Planning Fees and Charges from April 2024. 


What are permitted development rights? Toggle accordion

If you live in a house, in many cases you can carry out minor works without the need to apply for planning permission. These are known as ‘permitted development’ rights. They do not apply to flats or maisonettes.

How will I know if permitted development rights have been removed from my house? Toggle accordion

Always check the planning history of your property before undertaking any works. Permitted development rights might have been removed on the original planning permission for your house. These rights will also be affected if the property has already been extended. 

This information should be with your deeds. If not, you can check the planning history and any decisions that relate to your property by using our District Mapping Service.

For a fee, we can check if a specific proposal falls under permitted development rights or whether permitted development rights have been withdrawn on the property. We can also provide you with the recent planning history of your property. Please see Planning Advice and Enquiries Charges September 2022

Permitted development rights can change depending on where you live. If you live in an Article 4 Direction Area, such as Fishpool Street, most of your permitted development rights will have been removed. 

Alternatively, if you live in a relatively new property, such as the Napsbury, Jersey Farm or Hill End/Cell Barnes Lane developments, permitted development rights may have been removed by a planning condition. 

Permitted development limits will also be different if your house is a listed building or you live in a conservation area.

What other consents do I need? Toggle accordion