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Locally listed buildings

Many of the buildings within conservation areas are locally listed. Local listing is different from listed building designation and is done by the Council. 

All of the locally listed buildings within the St Albans district are located within conservation areas.

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Locally Listed Buildings are buildings, or structures, within the District which are considered to make a positive contribution to the local character and sense of place. Buildings are added to the local list in recognition of their value as irreplaceable historic assets which contribute to the quality of the local environment by enhancing the street scene and sustaining a sense of distinctiveness. Locally listed buildings are considered to have heritage significance, but do not meet the criteria for national designation. 

The process of local listing is designed to ensure that the historic and architectural interest of buildings that are of local importance are taken account of during the planning process. 

Reviews of the local list are conducted in conjunction with appraisals for the relevant conservation areas. 

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You can find out if a building is locally listed through the Council's District Mapping Service or through the list of locally listed buildings, categorised by conservation area. The list of locally listed buildings is updated annually. 

If a building has been subsequently extended, subdivided or is a block of flats, the local listing is considered to be applicable to the whole building.

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Local listing does not affect the need for planning permission.

The local listing status of the building or structure is a consideration when determining any planning applications which are made. Development to, or in the curtilage of, a locally listed building should be designed to respond to enhance the significance of the locally listed building and the wider conservation area. Proposals will be assessed on if they respect the particular character and interest of the building. Consideration is given to whether the proposals use appropriate materials and retain any features of architectural or historic interest.