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Trees in conservation areas

A tree in a Conservation Area is protected if it has a trunk diameter exceeding 75mm when measured at chest height (approx. 1.5m above ground level).

If you live within a Conservation Area and wish to cut down, uproot or prune a tree you must give the Council six weeks' written notice before carrying out any work.

When we receive your application we will assess whether the proposed work can be carried out using the following criteria:

  • Will the works have a detrimental landscape impact within the Conservation Area?
  • Are the works justified on grounds of condition etc?
  • If refusal is considered, is the tree of sufficient quality and public amenity value to be protected by a Tree Preservation Order?

We will either grant the application or make a Tree Preservation Order.

Site visits will be carried out unaccompanied and we may ask that external access through a gate is provided at a prearranged time. Should access through a building be necessary and the only means possible, we will contact you to arrange a specific time.

There is a register of works to Conservation Area and TPO protected trees published within the Council’s weekly register of Applications, decisions and appeals.

Apply Online

Fast-track service for applications relating to TPO trees and Conservation Area notices

A fast-track service now exists for tree work applications so that decisions are made by the end of the 4th week after validation unless they are called in for a Planning Committee to determine instead. For full details, please see our Fast-track Tree Service page.