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Tree Maintenance

Trees in Parks, Green Spaces, Council Housing areas and Cemeteries

The Council is responsible for managing the trees growing on land it owns.  This includes Parks, Green Spaces, Housing Sites, Allotment Sites and Cemeteries.

The Council also carry out safety related tree work on behalf of Herts County Council on  urban highway verges.

All the trees we are responsible for are surveyed on a rolling three year inspection cycle.

Safety related recommendation are implemented as soon as possible and include:

Public Safety is out top priory and work to a tree will only be considered if:

  • A recommendation has been made as a result of a survey or inspection
  • Its is dead
  • its is dying
  • Its is diseased
  • Its is dangerous
  • There is a risk of damage to nearby buildings and structures
  • It is causing an obstruction to the public highway

Contact us or Report Problem with a Council owned tree

If report a dangerous tree please telephone on 01727 866100.  If there is risk to life dial 999.

Contact us or report a problem

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Contact us or Report Problem with a trees on the Public Highway

Tree located on highway verges are owned by Hertfordshire county Council.

The Council carry out safety related work on behalf of Herts County Council to trees on urban highway verges.

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