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St Albans voluntary tree wardens

Tree Wardening is a way for volunteers to play an active role in championing their local treescape.

Tree Wardens can get involved with a range of activities, from practical projects such as planting and caring for trees to gathering information about local trees and developing imaginative projects to encourage others to value their local trees and woods.

Over 40 volunteers have worked in the District in an informal basis, acting as the eyes and ears of their neighbourhoods and reporting on matters such as the condition of trees, pests and diseases and safety issues.

Other activities have included Tree Council initiatives such as the National Tree Week.

Click here to volunteer as a tree warden

Further information can be found at the following links: 

Plant trees in your community

Opportunities arise where the community can be involved in planting trees either on public open spaces or ‘Tree Giveaway’ where garden owners can plant in their own space.

Tree Wardens and the local Community News